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My diet currently is the same every day


Calvin Needing Diet Guidance:

My diet currently is the same every day. Wheat grass drink from powder in the morning. Avocado mixed with canned salmon and sunflower seeds and eaten with wheat crackers for lunch. Vegetable cooked with long rice (made with mung bean) and salmon. Amino Acids tablets and udo's oil.

Please weigh your diet, look up nutrition value and calculate how much protein you are consuming and the total number of calories consumed each day.

I believe you will learn you have guessed your percentage much lower than your actual number.

The best diet for recovery would be as close to 0% animal as you can manage. And as much uncooked plant as you can manage.

Suggest you invest in a VitaMix and grind your food.

Add to your wheat grass: http://www.drkelleyenzymes.com/superfood-recipe-bonnie-dale-months/

Days you are not working do more coffee enemas.

Suggest you support your liver with Liverite http://www.drkelleyenzymes.com/product/liverite-liver-detox/

Hazard of fish at 3:30 seconds on the video.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any question via skype or the message link in the lower right hand corner of the page.

Dale Maxwell,

Disease Recovery Coach

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