Dr. Kelley’s Pancreas Self-Test

Is it possible to
stay ahead of  cancer?

Dr. Kelley:

There are only three who care about you: God, yourself and sometimes your mother.

You give yourself control with Dr. Kelley’s Pancreas Self-Test procedure. God has given you the intelligence and self will to do this if your mother, family and friends do not interfere.

Dr. Kelley’s Pancreas Self-Test is nothing more than early self-detection and/or an early warning of the decrease of pancreatic production of adequate pancreatic enzymes.

When the pancreas is not ?working properly and fails to produce adequate amounts of enzymes the following occurs:

1. The first indication of pancreatic failure is indigestion with belching and passing of excessive gas (flatulence).

2. The second indication over an extended time is the dental condition called pyorrhea.

3. The third indication is focusing problems of the eyes. This occurs because the muscles of the eyes are so tiny it doesn’t take much protein loss to interfere with their function; a tiny little bit of eye muscle makes a big difference. (Dr. Kelley is still able to read without glasses at the age of 73 — and he uses the same pair of glasses to drive as he used in 1963. See his story: “30-Year Victory Over Pancreatic/Liver Cancer” on page 111.)

Dr. Kelley correctly calls such conditions pancreatic failure, and within two to four years normal trophoblast cells (false placenta cells) will develop into malignant tumor masses or lymph and blood dysfunction.

Cancer is nothing more than the failure of one’s pancreas to produce adequate enzymes to properly digest one’s food intake and to cannibalize and digest defective, worn out and dead cells and the normal dormant pre-placenta cells as they become cancer cells throughout one’s body.

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It is our belief that each one of us has the right to build and maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit. Properly addressing pancreas failure by taking adequate, effective pancreatic enzyme supplements by mouth is outlined in Chapter III. (One Answer To Cancer By William Donald Kelley, DDS)

The Pancreas Self-Test below should be the most important part of your cancer prevention regime. This Pancreas Self-Test only indicates the function or “failure-to-function-properly” of one’s pancreas. This procedure is the most sensitive test and early awareness system known to date. This determines the status, condition and activity of one’s Pancreatic Enzyme Production.

This Pancreas Self-Test should be done every 6 to 12 months.

Pancreas Self-Test Procedure:

Take 6 Solozyme Capsules thirty minutes prior to meals and at bedtime.
Impression of Effects:
If within six weeks on the Pancreas Self-Test one becomes toxic, ill, crabby, sick, nauseated, vomits, or develops an elevation of temperature or violent headache, a malignant tumor mass of placenta cells is usually present of a size that should be detectable by one’s physician.
If within six weeks on the Pancreas Self-Test one feels better, has better digestion, with more energy and stamina, one is usually pre-cancerous. That is, one’s pancreas is not quite able to meet the demands of digestion and the normal clean-up activity needs of one’s body. In this case, it is highly likely one will develop a malignant placenta tumor mass within two to four years.
If one is pre-cancerous it is suggested one should take two or three Solozyme capsules thirty minutes prior to meals and at bedtime the rest of one’s life — or until one wants to have a “Cancer Party” at his or her local hospital. Of course, if you are rich enough you could have your “Cancer Party” in Houston, Texas at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, or rush off to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota or Stanford in California.

If, after five or six weeks on the Pancreas Self-Test one does not notice a toxic feeling or condition nor does one feel better, one’s pancreas is probably producing adequate pancreatic enzymes and it is unlikely a malignant placenta tumor mass is forming. One should repeat the Pancreas Self-Test again every 6 to 12 months.

There could be a false positive or false negative indication, but this is most rare.

Life Threatening Crises

By the time one’s body forms a malignant placenta tumor mass, which is called cancer, one becomes frightened. One’s physician also becomes frightened and the only things he or she knows to do, and is permitted to do to address the malignant placenta tumor mass, are Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy. Addressing these malignant placenta tumor masses is absolutely necessary in most cases. However, if one does not properly address the cause of one’s cancer, these and other malignant placenta tumor masses will return in a few months even larger and more vicious and life threatening.
Before, during and after your physician treats these malignant placenta tumor masses one should address the cause of one’s cancer — that is, the failure of the pancreas. As outlined in Chapter III, metabolically supporting one’s failing pancreas is absolutely necessary to properly address one’s cancer and help to prevent the reoccurrence of additional malignant placenta tumor masses.

Invest in Prevention

Prevention is the smart way to go. Protecting your investment, your own body, is the intelligent procedure to best ensure that you never receive a diagnosis of cancer. Road to Health’s Solozyme pancreatic capsules by Dr. Kelley are the best way to survive the insults, stresses, and strains of our lifestyles.

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