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Getting the most out of seeds and nuts


This post was inspired by Nawal when she provided the diet info:

Then I eat a mixture of nuts almonds, walnut, cashew, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds.

The digestion challenge with nuts and seeds is their inherent survival design, they are meant to create a new copy of the plant or tree. They survive burial and then sprout into a plant or tree.

The have enzyme inhibitors to keep them from decomposing.

So you must do the following in order to get all the value from nuts and seeds:

  • Soak overnight in distilled water
  • Rinse well
  • Physically break them up

I use running then through vitamix along with greens and cooked oatmeal

You may want to turn them into  a paste or otherwise breaking them up into a butter consistency.

Consuming each individually or in combination will be a different taste and texture so mix it up and enjoy.

Please note that this also holds true in most every other grain and seed.

Corn heating briefly will help with digesting and breaking them up well with be critical.

Most people have been trained to soak beans and now you know why.




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