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Hydrogen Peroxide to Increase Oxygen in the Body


Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Health Benefits Video

How to use hydrogen peroxide orally:

The following instructions are roughly as recommended by Dr Leonard Coldwell in his books (for a more in-depth understanding of why to use hydrogen peroxide to improve your health you may want to purchase his books and his I.B.M.S stress reduction program). However, if you already know of the extraordinary health benefits of hydrogen peroxide, you can start using his instructions as soon as you buy 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.

Warning: before dilution this product can do serious damage. Hydrogen peroxide must be handled with extreme caution including gloves and safety goggles to protect you.

Instructions for using 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide:

Start with 3 drops in 8 ounces of distilled water.

Drink this mixture (gradually increasing the amount of hydrogen peroxide) three times a day for thirty days on an empty stomach. Increase the number of drops by one drop each day for the next twenty-two days. Stop increasing when you reach 25 drops per day and continue with that amount until you have been consuming hydrogen peroxide for 35 days.

Next, continue to drink the 25 drops, but cut down to drinking it only two times per day for 14 days then cut down to drinking it only once per day for another seven days. Then cut down by one drop each day until you get to 8 drops per day. You may continue drinking eight drops per day if you find this valuable for your health.

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