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If you want more control over your recovery and in order for me to give you the best guidance possible please fill out the questionnaire so I can better understand your current situation. Please be as detailed as you can. Included current diet and preparation as well as anything else you can to give me a better picture of the progress to recovery.

Download here:
Please take a minute to “Purchase” the Natural Health Strategy Session using coupon code “customer” at
By purchasing the session with the coupon code your session will be FREE. I will also have a way to keep track of my progress of reviewing your answers. – Thanks – Dale

Please do not hesitate to ask me any question via Skype dale_maxwell (first time let me know how you found me and your real name please) or the message link in the lower right-hand corner of the webpage at:

Dale Maxwell,

Disease Recovery Coach

 Natural Health Strategy Session Invitation

Most people find me through a recommendation from an alternative health advisor or medical advisor.

I know you have questions about products, diet and more…

However, before we have a phone conversation, I would like you to fill out my six-page questionnaire.

Your answers will give me background information about your situation. 

After reviewing your answers on the questionnaire, I may email you additional questions. If you ask me specific questions in the space provided on the questionnaire or in attachment(s), I may answer them by email in advance of our phone conversation. 

I will gladly gift you 20 minutes of my time over the phone. For most people this has been enough for me to give them the guidance they need. If you require more than 20 minutes of a phone conversation, I will expect compensation.

The following are the crucial areas I have the most experience in:

  • Enzymes
  • Detoxing
  • Diet and supplementation
  • Trauma (Stress) Emotional, Physical or Chemical

Download your free invitation and instructions here:

If you are taking any pharmaceuticals, please download and read this important guide:

To give you my very best guidance, the Pre-Coaching questionnaire will allow me to question you and collect your answers, study them and when we speak I will have time to create any additional questions in advance.

Please feel free to provide any other information you are willing to share with me to help you.

Blood tests and anything else 

Download here:

The Budget Kelley Plan 

This plan shows using Kelley Enzymes well away from food (most or all of the enzyme material goes for digesting cancer) and 1200 mg pancreatin  30 minutes before eating (most or all goes for digesting food).

The Kelley program looks for 54 grams of pancreas material to be consumed daily. The short instructions for this method are in the link above.

Detailed instructions with links are below.

Any Feedback will help me and lot of people who end up with the book.

This document is part of a book I am writing. 

Can you tell me, please

  1. What items apply to you.
  2. Any confusion in the information?


Dale Maxwell

1457 Palos Verdes Mall 314

Walnut Creek Ca 94597

Email [email protected]

Skype dale_maxwell (please ID yourself)

Download documents and study

Please go now (use your computer) and collect the document collections

The four collections are

  • Enzymes
  • Diet
  • Detox
  • Emotions

Please send me your questions and comments – Dale

Dr Kelley Enzymes

Buy Links:


Taken one and one-half hours away from eating.

Take 27 grams of Kelley or Solozyme

This is taken in three doses, 12 capsules of 750mg = nine grams

These enzymes are going into the body to supplements the pancreas function that is found universally with cancer patients.

Speeding the process of removing the toxins tiny pieces of broken cancer cells that are captured by the liver is needed when consuming this volume of enzymes. Up to five coffee enemas per day can be given to move the toxins out of the liver.

Each enema dumps some stored stuff from the liver and gallbladder. This is important because when the liver overflows the toxins re-enter the blood stream and present symptoms varying from a headache to pain to skin eruptions to disorientation. 

1200 Mg Pancreatic enzymes target 27 grams per day 

9 grams of these enzymes is about seven tablets. If you are eating small meals more often, please do the math… 

Example: eat five meals per day take 27 / 5 = 5.4 so take five tablets

Ideally taken thirty minutes before eating.

Tablets instead of capsules provide some flexibility in timing. If you cannot manage to take the enzymes in a timely manor, you may be able to take them just before you eat and still benefit.

Potassium Salts 2 Tablespoons per day can be mixed with drink 

Buy link 

Multi Enzymes 650mg caps

Buy link 

I take three or four with food 

Taken with food to assist in breaking down the food to allow the complete digestion

The best clinical strength probiotic I have Found

Buy Link:

Complete instructions will be included as download via shopping cart with purchase 

Liver Capsules

Buy Link:

Some people want to supplement liver instead of dealing with raw liver recommended by Kelley and Gerson. 

Waterless 9-Element 1.7qt Saucepan with Cover

Properly used waterless cookware heats your vegetables to a good temperature without damaging and losing the nutrients.

Here are a number References showing the benefits of waterless cookware:

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The Owl Croft Company (2007) How induction works. Retrieved March 12, 2008, from

Varkonyi-Schaub, C., (2006, April 7). Induction Cooktops have a Lot to Offer.

SunSentinel (Fort Lauderdale, FL).


Product Help – Health Coaching

To receive product usage clarification:

You may receive guidance on products by sending me a Skype request – please identify yourself with your real name and phone number in the request ( I sometimes get request that turns out to be just looking for someone to connect with – not seeking health help.)

Another option is to send a message via our web site using the little button in the lower right corner. I do get those requests.

Email is not recommended due to spam volume I may miss your request.

Health Coaching –

I gladly give limited guidance by Skype or message at no cost.

I also accept a limited number of paid coaching clients from time to time. Initial evaluation – follow the link: 

And Casual Coaching 20 minutes  

Initial Order recommended: 

Following the “Budget Method.”

Three Bottles PEP (30 days at 36 per day three times 12 capsules)

One 1200mg Pancreatin (Over 24 days at 21 per day (3 times 7 Tablets)

One Potassium Salts (30 Days 2 tbs liquid per day)

One Okra Pepsin 150 caps (50 days – 3 per day with meals)




Dale Maxwell

[email protected]

Paid Coaching is sometimes available, check here:

Message me at bottom right of our web pages [Leave a message button]

Skype dale_maxwell  Identity yourself as a client, please

Please leave me a message

I will get right back to you 

 Call (623) 242-2460

NOTE: All calls are recorded.

NOTE: Any and all questions you submit to me for my answer may show up on my blog or in a book I publish. I will use only your first name or initial in publishing. 

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