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5-Gallon Water Distiller


Storage Capacity: 5 Gallons

This size unit is typical for famiy of 4 larger storage available, call Dale 623-242-2460 with questions.

Dimensions: 17? x 12.5? x 22? or 43.18 x 31.75 x 55.88 (cm)

Weight: 51 pounds (23.13 kg)(packaging not included) Our price included shipping (1=$150.00)

Voltage Requirements: 110 or 220

Feel free to search locally for a source of a quality distiller.

I recommend this distiller. I have used this model in my home for over eight years. in 2016 I replaced the boiling chamber. It is running about four to five hours each day, supplying water for drinking, cooking and coffee enemas for three people. – Dale (2017)

Service Warranty

We provide our customers with a service warranty to better serve them. All of our water distillers are pre-tested before we ship them out to insure that they are working properly. This process makes defects in Running Waters Inc. water distillers extremely rare. This service warranty covers any problem that you may have with your unit. If one part on your unit is not functioning properly, just contact us. We will then, send you the part that is defective at no cost to you. All that we require is that you send us the defective part so we can get reimbursed.

One Year Warranty

It is understood and agreed that the equipment (water distillation system) will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year after acceptance by the purchaser. During this warranty period, all defective parts, not caused by willful misuse or accident through the fault or negligence of the purchaser will be replaced free of charge.

Return Policy

If you decide within the first 30 days that you do not want the distiller simply; – Return distiller in original packaging within 30 days of delivery – Shipping fees are nonrefundable.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the cost to run this distiller? The model A5, A10, and A15 all use about $0.12 per gallon at typical kilowatt-hour costs.

What is the difference between the model A and B distiller? The Model A distiller comes with an inline pre-filter, MHD device, and solenoid shut off. The Model B is a basic unit.

Can I hook my distiller to my “Ice and Water in the door” refrigerator? You can if you order the “Demand Pump Option.” The Demand Pump kit includes everything you need to send water from your distiller to your refrigerator hookup.

How do I connect my distiller?Your new distiller will come with a saddle valve connector and plastic tubing. All you need to do is connect the saddle valve to a cold water line in your home and then plug in the distiller.

What do I need to do to maintain my distiller? On models with the MHD device, all you’ll need to do is open the boiler drain and let it run to the fluid runs clear. PLEASE UNPLUG YOU DISTILLER FIRST!!!!!!!

How often do I need to do that? Once a week is usually often enough. Every 3 months or so it is a good idea to open the boiler and see if it needs to be cleaned more thoroughly.

How do I operate my distiller? Hook up the water line and plug it in. The distiller does the rest. The distiller is completely automatic; when you take a preset amount of water out of the storage tank it will turn on and refill it. It will automatically turn off again once it’s refilled.

Is the distiller pre-assembled? Yes. All that is needed is the water hookup. We furnish a saddle valve and 10 feet of copper hookup tubing which is very simple to hookup

Is there a warranty? We have a one-year warranty on all of our distillers.

I hear distiller companies don’t stay around long, will you be there for a year to honor the warranty?We have been in business manufacturing water treatment equipment for 27 years now. We don’t have any plans on stopping any time soon.

Why would I want to buy a distiller when I can get bottled water or water delivery?Your distiller will give you a gallon of clean, distilled water for approximately $ .12 cents. For bottled distilled water you will currently pay $ 1.00 and up for a gallon which you have to carry home and do not know how long it was on the shelf. Did you know that a five gallon bottle of water weighs 42 pounds? With our distiller you will never have to lift a bottle onto the dispenser again.

What are the advantages of distilled water over tap water?Distilled water has no metals, no chlorine, no pesticides, no bacteria, no germs, and no cancer causing elements.

What is involved in the distillation process? First, you boil water, then catch the steam, cool the steam and now you have distilled water.

Where do I get replacement parts after my warranty? All the parts are readily available at your local hardware store. The average cost of the element, 1500 watts, is under $ 10.00.

Why do we use only 1500 watts when others use 3000 watts?

We manufacture our distillers with a waste heat recovery process which means that the normal wasted heat from the element is used to heat the water before it enters the boiler. The result is lower wattage needed and lower electrical costs to you.

Distilled Water The Shocking Truth


Weight 618 oz

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