Clear MultiVite All in One – (798 g) Meal Replacement


Clear MultiVite All in One (CMV) is an essential part of the nutritional program designed by your health practitioner for your health concerns. Understanding the design and function of CMV will allow you to use the product more effectively.

Every day, our bodies are exposed to millions of molecules from different compounds through voluntary or involuntary ingestion. Chemicals from foods, beverages, medications, food additives, personal care products, and numerous other sources contribute to the exposure of negative compounds. The human body is a working system, and when it becomes over polluted, it will begin to start malfunctioning or experience serious degeneration. The human body has excellent built-in mechanisms to cleanse itself, but the system is not perfect.

With the advancement of science and industrialization, numerous foreign and toxic chemicals, known as “xenobiotics,” have been produced and released in the living environment. These xenobiotics are among the major causes of a great number of acute and chronic health problems that have become widespread in Western Societies in recent decades. When not cleared from the system, these compounds interfere with normal biological processes and become hazardous to one’s health.

Poor nutritional habits and unhealthy food ingredients being consumed in the daily diet, and a variety of other factors, has increased the number of allergy problems within the last few decades. Most of the symptoms are produced as a result of the accumulation of toxins, which are very similar to allergies. Mild toxicities and food allergies will produce very discomforting, but common, symptoms such as poor digestion, gas, bloating, heartburn, headaches, fatigue, chronic mild infections, hormone imbalances, etc.

May be used as a three week detox or ongoing as meal replacement. Contains no animal products.


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