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YES Minerals 60 capsules


Minerals make many of your biochemical reactions work up to 1,000,000 times faster! Everyone is spending money on vitamins, but few people give minerals the attention they fully deserve. Your body can't make minerals; like vitamins, they must come from food or from a supplement. In our opinion, mineral supplements are more important than taking vitamins, because many vitamins are still in the food whereas minerals no longer are.Eating properly and taking YES™ Minerals gives you all the vitamins & Minerals you need!


YES Ultimate Minerals

YES mineral supplements need to be in a very specific bioavailable form in order for our bodies to use them. They have to be combined with a protein. Protein, which is a charged particle, is attracted into your cells and absorbed through the cell membrane. The protein brings the minerals along with it into the cell.

There are seventeen main minerals our bodies need and many people do not get up to eight of them in sufficient quantities. Many people ask about vitamins. Vitamins are still in food, but are coenzymes with minerals. If you are deficient in minerals then the vitamins in food are often not utilized. When you add the minerals to your diet, the vitamins & food can then be absorbed by your body.

Minerals help your body with many things including joint health, arthritis, sugar metabolism, protein delivery, energy, reduced stress, bone structure, reducing fatigue, blood health and much more.

Why your body needs YES Ultimate Minerals:

Boron (Recommended Supplementation – 2mg)

  • Increases the effectiveness of other minerals
  • Helps with joints and arthritis

Chromium (Recommended Supplementation – 200mcg)

  • Works with insulin in the metabolism of sugar
  • Brings protein to where it is needed in the body

Copper (Recommended Supplementation – 2mg)

  • Converts iron to hemoglobin
  • Essential for utilization of vitamin C

Iron (Recommended Supplementation – 10mg)

  • Used in the production of important elements affecting the blood, muscles, and several important enzymes
  • Necessary for proper metabolism of B vitamins

Selenium (Recommended Supplementation – 50mcg)

  • Helps keep youthful elasticity in tissues
  • Helps alleviate hot flashes and menopausal distress

Magnesium (Recommended Supplementation – 210mg)

  • Used in the metabolism of calcium and vitamin C
  • Converts blood sugar to energy
  • Considered the “anti-stress” mineral
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Helps prevent calcium deposits, kidney stones and gallstones

Manganese (Recommended Supplementation – 3mg)

  • Helps activate enzymes for proper use of biotin, B-1, and vitamin C
  • Needed for normal bone structure
  • Helps eliminate fatigue
  • Aids in muscle reflexes
  • Important in the formation of thyroxin, the hormone in the thyroid
  • Important in the digestive and nervous systems

Zinc (Recommended Supplementation – 10mg)

  • Vital to maintaining enzyme systems and cells
  • Essential for protein synthesis
  • Helps in the formulation of insulin
  • Involved in blood stability; normalizes the prostate
  • Important in proper brain function
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