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Why are some recommendation different than in Kelley’s Book


Vince asks Dale:
First, I want to say that I have read a good part of Dr. Kelly's Cancer information, and I am starting to understand the science behind it, and I am certainly motivated and interested in finding the most effective way of curing this cancer.  His Metabolic approach and pancreatic enzymes make sense to me.
The information you have sent me is very helpful, but there seem to be some real differences in the recommendations now compared to some of the things I read from him. The formulas are apparently called by different names, and the metabolic self-test is not emphasized. Can you tell me the difference? 
Not having a list from me of the changes you speak of, I will address only general differences.
Diet: When Dr. Kelley and I would speak we often talked about attempting to keep people “on the program” and his approach was to pander to some people's desire to eat “some” animal products.
He, at that time, felt that the enzyme intake was more important than the elimination of the animal protein in keeping people taking enzymes. Dr. Kelley knew that animal products did not provide any nutrition that could not be obtained from plant products.
Given the vast amounts of scientific proof that animal products contribute directly to cancer, people need to be informed so they will make the right decision – to eliminate animal products to assist in disease recovery.
The “Metabolic self-test” provided the decision points for specific supplements to assist in healing. These specific supplements are no longer manufactured, so the emphasis on this portion of Dr. Kelley's work serves no practical purpose at this time.

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