Serrapeptase Instructions

Our serrapepase is the most potent we have found, measures 5 Milligrams. DO NOT EXCEED SIX tablets in 24 hours. Six bottle is a 100 day supply.

You will want to start with 1 three times per day for 4 days and then increase.

What I noticed is if I exceed the six threshold my mouth dries out as the mucus has reduced.

We have been using and selling this product for over ten years. We have tried many other product and found the claims of 40,000 units and 120,000 IU and more.

Since there is actually no standardization in the serrapeptase potency the claims are created by the individual manufactures and mean very little.

If you are taking Serrapeptase to digest scar tissue plan on feeling some relief in about three months (this seems to be what people report) so be patient.


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Dale Maxwell

and Bonnie O’Sullivan