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Superfood recipe Bonnie and Dale have been using for six months


Superfood Recipe (Very Alkalizing)


We have tested several varieties from different manufacturers and these are our favorites:

Organic Peruvian MACA Root Powder

Spirulina Powder

Organic Wheat Grass Powder

Cacao Powder

1 Cup Organic, locally grown fruit (when available)

8 ounces organic coconut water

8 ounces distilled water


Twice a day, place one tablespoon of each superfood into a container and add eight ounces of coconut water and eight ounces of distilled water, place a tight fitting lid on the container, shake well and drink. Or, when adding fruit, use a VitaMix or blender.

Bonnie finds it is best for her to drink this mixture without fruit added to it. With fruit it causes gas. She also drinks her two daily superfood drinks an hour apart every morning as her stomach is never empty enough later in the day to have her second superfood drink.

Bonnie uses Coconut Water and distilled water as a liquid base in this smoothie and uses a 16-ounce Tupperware Shaker. She also prefers to use hot distilled water as the superfoods taste a lot like hot cocoa that way.

Dale Prefers adding three portions of frozen green juice (about 7 to 8 ounces), two cups of frozen grapes, One large Apple plus  distilled water to 60 ounces in Vitamix (no coconut water) placed in a VitaMix to make the blend and uses two new style Tupperware Quick Shake (2 1/2 cups) plus a large mug. Dale separates his three drinks by eight or so hours because he is eating a Vegan diet and has no trouble with gas. This is very handy for me when I go out as it travels better than the blended Vitamix meals in the 10-ounce bowls that require a spoon. (If you are sensitive to the fruit or dealing with fungus, leave out the fruit and increase the frozen green juice.)

Note: Using a dust mask and with the exhaust fan over the oven on, Bonnie makes 28 portions of this superfood mixture once a week. She places one tablespoon of each superfood into 28 four ounce Tupperware containers and shakes them so the superfoods are mixed well together before pouring them into either the Tupperware shaker or the VitaMix. We keep the four ounce containers in the refrigerator as the spirulina powder and wheatgrass powder need refrigeration after opening.



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