Solozyme Manufacture Delay June 2019

Update:  October 2019 The new bottles are smaller – When I began working with the manufacturer I received the formula and ask them if the filler could be reduced. The reason fillers are added to capsules is to allow the components to flow into the capsules and through the machinery easier.

The new capsules are slightly smaller so they contain less filler.

I cannot speak to why in the past they were a larger size.

I want you to know that John Kelley has posted on the college health stores site a warning that we are selling a product that is not college heath sore formula. –

The company that is making the capsule is the company that John used. They have changed the formula – by reducing the volume of filler. I feel that the change has not betrayed John Kelly and if anything the product has bee improved.

If John had been able to reliably manage the manufacturing we would never have been forced into arranging the manufacturing.


Update September 23rd, 2019, we received the new product and began to ship out the orders.

Update August Monday, August 5, 2019

We are riding out additional frustration, I got this message from John Dated August 1, 2019

“dale, it looks like we will be able to reopen but it looks like it will be approx 8 weeks, also at this point due to the increase in costs the retail price will go up.”

It seems like John may be able to deliver enzyme, and I have enzymes in the production with the same manufacturer and I think they will be in the same production run. So I will keep updating as I find out more timing details. The manufacturer has pushed back production by three weeks or so.

Update: Friday, July 5, 2019 16:53:02

On July 1st I heard back from John Kelley (Doctor Kelley's Son) on one of my many requests for an update on the progress of the Solozyme enzymes through manufacturing.

Here is what John communicated to me:

dale, i am sorry i have not been able to give you an answer sooner, but do to circumstances beyond my control effective immediately college health stores is no longer in business, hopefully we will be able to reopen at a later date..

Since then:

In the past, when John was out of Solozyme, I reached out to the manufacturer of the 1200s and several of our other products to ask him if he would manufacture Solozyme for us in the event that John stopped offering Solozyme and he agreed. Now, since John is no longer able to provide us with Solozyme, he has agreed to manufacture Solozyme for us, using the original Kelley formula. We have placed our initial order and expect it to arrive in four to six weeks.

You will receive the same formula and dosage as you have in the past.

We will fulfill your existing order as soon as we can.

If you choose to request a refund at this time we will refund promptly. The price of future orders may be a bit higher. 

Solozyme may be back in stock as soon as the first week of August, but likely the second or third week.

Please forgive the delay

Thank you for your support and for allowing us to help you recover



Dale Maxwell, Wellness Coach

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