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Why 15 minutes of holding Coffee Enema?


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Why is it recommended to use a coffee enema more than 15 minutes in case of splitting it into 2 of 500 ml each?



The goal of the Coffee Enema is to eliminate some of the toxins that have been captured from the bloodstream by the liver.

This is achieved by the caffeine in the Coffee being moved from the rectum up the hemorrhoidal artery to the liver where the caffeine dilates the liver gallbladder and finally the bile ducts. Some of the bile flows out into the colon where it is pushed out into the toilet.

If you are unable to hold the coffee long enough the process may be ineffective.

If you are dehydrated and did not do a water enema first the caffeine can be taken into your circulatory system and since it circulates rather that being delivered directly the treatment will not be as effective.

Your signal that the treatment is effective is that smell is of a strong bile, if no strong smell, not so effective.

Some people take only half in because they have trouble holding it in and then repeat go get the needed holding time of a minimum of 15 minutes.



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