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Why is Amylase not listed on Kelley Enzymes


Julie asks Dale

I was reading Dr. Kelley's Cancer Cure Booklet and am a little confused.  Here is an excerpt:  The missing factors in Dr. Beard’s and Professor Fairbanks’ understanding are the enzyme activators which have made my program so successful for the past 40 years. It has been my experience, that without the complete program including the enzyme activators, success will be limited to approximately 52%……As explained above, the Pancreatic enzymes in the Kelley Program include large amounts of Trypsin, which stops tumor growth. Also included among these enzymes is Amylase, which does normally digest starch. In my experience, these combinations of Pancreatic enzymes destroy and strip away about 97% of such starch capsules, thereby enabling tumors to be recognized, digested, liquefied and removed from persons’ bodies via their blood streams.   I don't see where Amylase is listed on the metabolic formula of enzymes.

The Kelley metabolic formula is a minimally processed pancreatic enzyme with the extra Trypsin and Chymotrypsin added and in the case of the PEP product additional glandular is added.

In a “standard USP” type enzyme the gland is dissolved in solvents and then using technology like a centrifuge separated  into separate components then only selected parts are to be included in the USP product. Standardization allows this to be called Pancreatin USP and only contains Amylase, Protease, and Lipase, these are measured out and repackaged for digestion purpose. The balance of the gland containing numerous enzymes is, for the most part, sold on to drain cleaners for digesting your drains.

The FDA requires only calories, salt and such to be on the label.

So since the Kelley metabolic formula is more complete and less processed, it is, in my experience a more successful enzyme for digesting cancer.

The 1200 Pancreatin I recommend for 30 minutes before ingesting food is much less expensive and every bit as good for that purpose. The  Kelley metabolic formula is to be taken well away from food so it will not be “wasted.” on digesting food.



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