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Helping people improve their lives has been what my calling has been for most of my career.

Working with educating clients primarily on lifestyle and the use of enzymes to recover following the Kelley Program as described in Doctor Kelley's book One Answer to Cancer. Bonnie and I worked with Doctor Kelley in editing and update publishing his 1990 version of the book. Doctor Kelley coached and mentored me until he passed in 2005.

Dale and Bonnie At fair

Dale and Bonnie At fair

1967 – 1972 Grew up in Drapery manufacturing and home maintenance industries

Licensed Dry Cleaner

1972 Doctor of Divinity, ULC Modesto, CA

Farmers Insurance Agent – Life and Casualty 1972-1982

Consistent Student, Studied and Practiced in

Many psychologies and parapsychology modalities

Gestalt therapy



Hypnotism, Certified by, Marshall Sylver, Las Vegas, NV 1992

NLP, Steve Boyley, St George Canada,  Certified 2004

Studied many body working and energy systems

Worked and studied with Dr. Hulda Clark, San Diego, CA 1996- 2009

Chiropractic with Dr. Pat Laufenburg, San Ramon, CA

Berkeley Psychic Institue, Long before the Internet

Ortho-Bionomy with Luann Overmyer, Berkeley CA

Bonnie O'Sullivan and I Incorporated “The Road to Health, Inc” in 1996

Connected with Dr. WIllaim Donald Kelley DDS through Robert Green Practitioner 1998 through Dr. Kelley's death in 2005

Converted Dr. Kelley's book, “One Answer To Cancer,” from his Brother Typewriter to a Windows Computer in 1998

Edited Dr. Kelley's book, provided him with a computer and taught him how to edit.

Dr. Kelley's revised “One Answer To Cancer” was completed in Oct 1999.

We are credited in the back of Dr. Kelley's 1999 version of “One Answer To Cancer.”

Dr. Kelley worked with me on the phone 2-5 hours each day answering any questions that came up that were not clear in the book as I uncovered them while coaching cancer patients.

Continued Study of health and energy via books and classes to the present day.

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