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Cleaning Products – Non-Toxic and safe

We use two products around the house.

Purely Green (25) Concentrate

I use it as a body and shampoo and have for many years. – If a more concentrated form it is excellent for removing bicycle chain grease from my hands after maintaining or repairing my trike.


Purely Green 25 Cleaning and degreaser


Safe to use Purely Green Cleaning Formula

And for laundry we use

Quick N Brite


Quick N Brite Cleaner

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When gas is happening, what are the possible causes?

List of possible contributors to gas.

  • Food choices, including animal products.
  • Stomach acid not breaking the food into small enough particles.
  • Timing on enzymes too close to eating.
  • Drugs, antibiotics, supplements, oxidizers all can reduce gut microbiome health. (Suggest clinical probiotic).
  • Snacks: Sugars, food additives, topical exposures.
  • Liquids, other than distilled water.
  • Balance of raw food to cooked foods too heavy on raw.
  • Changes in sleep patterns.
  • Shower filter to remove chlorine too old.
  • Drinking non-distilled water.

Hormone disruptors can contribute to digestion imbalance:

  • Laundry soap
  • Dishwasher detergents
  • Hair Coloring
  • Makeup
  • Synthetic clothing

After reviewing the above list of possible causes you may want to contact me for specific guidance.

Dale 623-242-2460 [email protected]

Natural Health Strategy Session

Some supplements that could help.

Multi Enzymes | taken with food

Pancreatic Enzyme Capsules or Tablets? What is Best For You?

Betaine Hydrochloric Acid (HCL), 325 mg., 100 Capsules


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Question regarding diet | cooked | raw | ratios

Whole food plant items should be clearly understood by anyone wanting to regain or assure health.

Packaged foods ( ie: veggie burgers) are not ideal because they are created in a factory perhaps across the country or world, they almost always:

  • contain additives
  • contain preservatives
  • packaged in plastic or foil
  • may not be 100% organic or free of GMO ingredients

When purchasing local organic ingredients and preparing your meals at home you will know what you are consuming

You will soon discover the ratio of raw foods to cooked foods that work for you.

Items that are cooked will include:

  • rice
  • beans
  • sweet potatoes
  • oatmeal
  • grains

Items that do not require cooking will include:

  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • apples
  • any other fruits you enjoy

I do not recommend juicing for most people, I like the fiber so a Vitamix is used when needed.


One other category to mention:

  • fermented veggies – try various varieties
  • sourkrout
  • kimchee



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Why Beef Pancreas is not as Effective for Cancer

Opinion by Dale Maxwell, Disease Recovery Coach

Cattle (beef) are not omnivorous by nature so their pancreas is not built to digest anything but grass.

Pigs (porcine enzymes) are the closest in function to the human pancreas functionally. We only recommend and sell porcine enzymes.

Use pancreatic enzymes for digestion:

Tablets are more forgiving than capsules, they travel better than capsules and if you fail to take your enzymes a full thirty minutes prior to eating, missing the thirty minutes and consuming the tablets, people report they still get good results.

If you are excellent at keeping track and expect to always time your consumption of enzymes then choose the capsule version of the 1200's:

Pancreatin, 1200 mg, 1,000 Capsules, Take 30 Minutes Before Food

Need guidance on how many enzymes you need to get compete digestion

Pancreatic Enzyme Capsules or Tablets? What is Best For You?


Use pancreatic enzymes for cancer recovery:

Dosage recommendations for cancer:

Colon Balance | How to repair and rebalance your healthy Gut



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Enzymes act real fast – what to do with pain

Betsy asks how to proceed

The enzymes arrive yesterday afternoon so I took the first lot of 8 1200’s half hour before dinner. After dinner, I went to lay down and proceeded to get a very painful backache midway up. Before bed, I went ahead and took 12 of the Dr. Kelley capsules.

Between the back pain and then what I think is an enormous amount of intestinal gas I did not sleep last night. This morning I am still having stabbing pain in the area of the liver which I think is intestinal related.

Any idea what went wrong? I was so hopeful that this was the answer but these pills do not seem to agree with me.
Any ideas? I am afraid to take any more until I find out what may have gone wrong.

Dale Comments

When enzymes are available in more volume than needed for digesting the food the extra will pass into the bloodstream and begin to destroy the following:

  • Abnormal cells (cancer)
  • Fungus
  • Food particles
  • Dead expired blood cells
  • Pollen
  • And more

Once these broken cells are filtered and captured by the liver if your liver was already very full some of these toxins will flow over the liver and be reintroduced into the bloodstream.

Take a coffee enema to dump liver, make more room and relieve the pain that comes from overflow.

In your case

Since you said in prior communications that you are not taking five coffee enemas per day. Increase frequency of enemas.

And reduce the number of enzymes each time. Your liver seems to be very full and so

if you can manage two enzymes before meals and two enzymes away from meals three times for 4 days without symptoms do so then add another enzyme then four days and continue in this routine until you are at the therapeutic recommended dose.

Keep in touch and if you get to five coffee enemas per day and cannot manage full therapeutic dosage without the symptoms coming back, take the five days off as explained in One Answer To Cancer.


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What happens if I have a small snack close to the time I take the Kelley Enzymes

Betsy Asks Dale

Regarding the timing of taking of Kelley Enzymes.

I tend to eat any time day or evening the desire strikes as my appetite is poor and meals tend to be small. Is there a problem with having a snack around the time I take the Kelley enzymes which are supposed to be away from meals?

Dale Answers:

Your body will use the enzymes available to digest the food until the digestion process is over, only then will any enzyme material be taken up into the bloodstream.

Additional note: as soon as you smell your food or begin to eat your stomach goes into action and begins to issue acid to address the beginning stage of digestion. The stomachs' job is to break down the food into a small enough size that the little particle can be further broken down into the amino acids and other nutritive components available.

If you take the Kelley enzymes and then the stomach begins you may (especially within the first thirty minutes of consuming) have the food causing acid to start and the enzyme being alkaline, neutralize some of the stomach acids and some of the enzymes be broken down rendering them ineffective in their job.

Your body is meant to issue the enzymes into the small intestine along with other fluids that neutralize the acid in the chyme.

What is Chyme

Chyme, a thick semifluid mass of partially digested food and digestive secretions that is formed in the stomach and passed into intestines during the digestion process. In the stomach, digestive juices are formed by the gastric glands; these secretions include the enzyme pepsin, which breaks down proteins, and hydrochloric acid.

The best timing for consuming the Kelley Enzymes

Many people seem to do well taking the enzymes first thing in the AM and last thing at night ( or an hour and a half after dinner. Many people find that they take some in the middle of the night when they get up to pee.

If you take them in the middle of the night be sure and drink plenty of water, you do not want to skimp on the water to avoid getting up again to pee. A lump of enzymes not washed down can cause you distress you will not enjoy.

Thanks for your question


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Questions And Answers

Considerations When Continuing to Work

Limited time for Detoxing

Less Enzymes Than Ideal are Sometimes Necessary 

Result of Consuming Less Enzymes than Ideal

Find time to Release


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SPINAL surgery to repair c7 due to tumor erosion

Watch the Video

The Submitted Answers

Dale's Recommendations

Diet TIps

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Questions And Answers

Surgery on 07/07/2017, 50 cm of my sigmoid colon was removed

Watch the Video

Review the Answers Provided

Dale's Recommendations

Diet TIps

Two Months After Surgery

Safe Root Canal Removal

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Clogged Lympth

Pre Coaching Questions : Entry # 34
Today's Date
Your Best Email Address
Approximate Age
Disease Details
Approximate date told you have cancer
Weight Loss
Maintained weight of 115 most of the year. Found I had another tumor in August and went on 5-week grape fast. Lost 9 pounds. The tumor grew to 5 times the original size. Original weight in 2015 was 150. Lost weight over last two years due to raw vegan diet. Would like to weigh about 125.
List standard medical treatments you have performed
Total hysterectomy in Dec of 2015. No other conventional treatment.
List alternative treatments you have performed
Raw vegan diet, mostly fruit, for last two years. Herbal products along with diet.
List all accidents, assaults, surgeries and any other trauma
Appendectomy age 7
Car Accident 1968, 1981
Daughter had cancer at age 10, 1992
Divorce 1993
Stepson killed in auto accident 2009
Son developed prescription pill addiction 2005
Middle son had a brain aneurysm in August 2015
My husband became very sick in September 2015. Drs thought he had lymphoma.


List any and all chemicals inoculations and work-related exposures
Usual childhood vaccinations.
Mold exposure for approx 6 months in a house I was rehabbing in 2013
List Any and All Emotional Events You Have Experienced
Most listed above in Accidents, ASSaults and other Trauma.

My husband became very angry and bitter after son's death. He directed it toward me for 6 years.

Emotions and Cancer Instructions for Systematically Overcoming Trauma


Support Comes From
What support do you have
  • Faith
  • Family
  • Spouse
  • Freinds
Your biggest fears
To not be able to take care of myself fully.
To be in a lot of pain
Your Biggest Goals
2018 Regain strength and energy and desire to do things I used to do.
2018 and beyond Travel to places I've wanted to see.
Have each of my grandchildren for a week in the summer.
Home condition
Older or well maintained
Diet, drugs, bowels section
Diet in the past
Organic unprocessed preferred
Diet choices now
Organic unprocessed preferred and understand
What do you estimate is historical % of animal in your diet
What do you estimate is your current % of animal in your diet
Less than 5%
Describe your bowel movement
Two or more times day
Describe your skin color
Fair Skin
Describe Your Skin
Generally free of these symptoms
Additional drugs and when taken and for how long?
Most drugs taken in teens and early 20's. Can't remember taking anything after that. Stayed away from drugs except for heparin for blood clots2002 or prevention after last surgery
Dental conditions
Number of root canals
Number of amalgams
Number of dental implants
Number of missing teeth
Five or more
Have you been evaluated for Cavitations?
Condition of teeth and gums
Have been having dental work done over last two years. The condition of teeth has deteriorated considerably. since cancer. Will need a bottom partial. Have two teeth still needing crowns. Have some decay that needs to be removed.
Optional upload photos or tests
Use this area to write any other thoughts or questions you want to be answered
Currently, have numerous huge swollen lymph nodes in groin and stomach areas. Any suggestions or will they just run the course?
Currently, have a VERY acidic vaginal discharge. Is that normal?
Have been taking enzymes for approximately 6 weeks. Tumor (approx 3 inches) does not seem to be shrinking, bur has enlarged. Is that normal? When can I expect to see shrinkage?
Do you work with the lymph system at all for detoxification.or only the liver/ I am currently taking the product Collect and was doing the Budwig protocol until a few days ago. Got concerned about the dairy and hormones with Budwig protocol. I did have a great amount of sediment in my urine from lymph filtration. I am not seeing nearly as much lately and that concerns me.
Have a lot of swelling around the swollen lymph nodes and in the whole left leg. It used to go down at night, but lately remains swollen. Any suggestions?


3.8 to 4.5
Vaginal pH. The normal vaginal pH is 3.8 to 4.5. Bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, and atrophic vaginitis often cause a vaginal pH higher than 4.5.


Please test your ph with test strips to determine your ph.


Tips on how to get your lymph moving

Tumor size

How long does it take?

Does the “Budget Kelley Program” take longer to eliminate cancer?

Your thoughts? I am currently taking the Cellect product and Budwig cottage cheese.


Citrus Bioflavinoids 100 Capsules NOW Brand 50 Servings Per Container


Additional Items



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dose instruction, Questions And Answers

Tips on how to get your lymph moving


Purchase and use a rebounder daily 3-5 minutes gentle movement 4 or more times each day seems to be best.

Alternate cold and hot shower

End with cold in am and end with hot in pm to relax and help sleep.

Lymph Massage

Get a book and learn or find a therapist in your area



Far Infrared Mineral Heat Lamp

Using a far infrared lamp to heat the affected nodes and alternating cold compress will help move the area.

If you have a Magnetic Pulse generator use it on the congested nodes.

Google Magnetic Pulse generator for many options.

The BIO MEDICI Magnetic Pulse is the one we currently use.

Link here: 

The Beck single frequency device is easy to build

Serrapeptase is also good at assisting to break things up



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