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Flu Shots | Learn Why You MUST Avoid Them

I have never recommended flu shots or taken any vacation since becoming an adult. Finally science is revealing why: Rad this:(Natural News) A medical study conducted at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center found that women who received flu vaccines had a weakened immune system response in subsequent years.Lisa Christian, PhD, the lead researcher on the study, […]

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EnzymesIn your case you will want to test to find if you still have active cancer creation have also sent to you Dr Kelley’s Pancreas test in PDF.EmotionsCollection of documents with detailed instructions by PDF has been sent.Root Canals Biome Restoration Supplement: recommendations: you watch the video and explore the recommended links please reachout with any […]

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Stomach Cancer and 22 lesions on liver

Diet 100% Plant based for a couple of months, then perhaps up to 5% animal Include cooked starches like oatmeal, sweet potato, beans and brown rice. Lots of leafy greens Foods to include for Cancer elimination and avoidance How to get lots of leafy greens in your diet   Digestion Strictly from the digestion process […]

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Nitric Oxide and Cancer

I would be cautious when considering this supplement. – Dale The role of nitric oxide (NO·) as a mediator of cancer phenotype has led researchers to investigate strategies for manipulating in vivo production and exogenous delivery of this molecule for therapeutic gain. Unfortunately, NO· serves multiple functions in cancer physiology. In some instances, NO· or nitric oxide […]

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Serra – Young Women with Cancer

Diet Continue with Plant based diet Watch This Video On Diet NO OIL! Really, NO oil! Webinar 03/17/16 Dr. McDougall Connect on Youtube with Nutritionfacts Read M.D. Michael Greger MD’s book “How Not to Die”     Enzymes Away from meals 3x per day 12 capsules each time Dr Kelley’s Pancreatic Enzymes, Solozyme, 750 mg., 360 […]

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OAC Warning & Disclaimer

The publisher and the distributors, Christian Cancer Volunteers, Cancer Coalition for Alter- native Therapies Inc., College Health Stores, LLC and The Road To Health, Inc. do not en- dorse any of the views, procedures, treatments or Metabolic Supplementation presented in this Text. Publication and distribution is made solely to inform readers who have a specific […]

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