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Coaching answers Ketogenic and root canal teeth

RM Pre-coaching Suggestions: Eliminate the root canals make sure the socket is scraped by 1mm to remove the tooth ligament if any remains you could develop cavitations (pockets where bacteria can make a home).  Contact for a referral to properly trained dentist.   Enzymes to digest cancer. 54 Grams per day. Re-inoculate the gut bacteria Lower animal intake to less than […]

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Sore throat, harsh drugs made it worse

TW (long time friend) relays this story: A little sore throat a strep culture was taken and came back negative, and the Dr. Visit prescribed Immune suppressant drugs were advised: 7 days on prenazone Claritan Fosamax Spray Everything got worse, and painful, scheduled visit with Dentist for 8 am and GM for 1:30 pm I reached out to my […]

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What things damage good bacteria?

What things damage good bacteria? Food additives and preservatives Antibiotics Most pharmaceuticals Most animal products (due to the consumption of antibiotics) Tap water Bottled water Shower and bath water (Special filter is needed) Dental procedures Any liquid you consume that contains water from public source (unless specifically stated from  distilled water) Stress Most every food that is prepared, packaged […]

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Cancer and overweight

  Diet: Suggest you get to 100 % plant. whole food, no free oils diet.  Begin to log each and every process you do, what you eat, how you feel. When you do enemas, sleep and while carefully weighing all you consume and how it was prepared. Add to your diet 8 ounces of sourkrout each […]

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Special instructions for those who are consuming nutrition via a feeding tube appliance.

Starting up with bulk Enzymes Special instructions for those who are consuming nutrition via a feeding tube appliance. The goal is to work up to the equivalent of 54 grams per day of pancreatic enzyme material. You will need to find your pace that is best for your metabolism and detoxing capacity. In the case […]

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Overseas Shipping – Customs Questions

Athina Asks Hi,i wanted to buy several things from you,but i am having trouble with payment and delivery.What can we do to overcome these problems? I come from Greece.Thank you International Shipping Please check and confirm with your local customs and https://www.Usps.Com/ for cost and if the product can be shipped. We know we can […]

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