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In the pursuit of  cancer recovery you need to get all the nutrition potential out of the foods you consume. Using the Vitamix to make the particle size small enough that a compromised digestion is supported is required.

In the first part of  digestion chewing and the stomach in a healthy person, eating well, will break down the food into tiny pieces. When this liquid exits the stomach (called Chyme), the next thing that happens is the pancreas issues a liquid mixture of pancreatic enzymes to neutralize the acid and and convert the food particles into the nutrition and amino acids they contain.

I make this recipe most every day, providing fiber, fat, protein, carbohydrates in what i believe is a well balanced formula.

I make this up and store it in tupperware portions, ready to eat in the refrigerator.

Vitmix the oatmeal and broth first

In this step of this Cancer Recovery Recipe you will break down the fiber and “cook” the starch allowing for better digestion. Run the vitamix for 4-5 minutes depending on the starting temperature, run until the vortex collapses to about 1/2 inch, if you run it too long the mixture will become too thick to add the balance of the ingredients and incorporate successfully.

1 Quart of Vegetable Broth

8 Oz Oatmeal (or brown rice)


Next we  add the balance of the ingredients and use the pusher to drive them into the blade (this step requires some strength and effort for about one or two minutes.) Optionally you can divide in two parts or even reduce the recipes and make a smaller batch.

Add into the oatmeal broth mixture the following ingredients:

A handful of grapes (2-3 ounces)

one red beet about 2-3 inch diameter

1-2 tablespoons of almond butter depending on how many calories I am wanting to consume today (seeking weight loss or gain)

1 ½ ounces or eight small dates

4 ounces green mix (mixed greens) see recipe

2-3 bananas

two cups blueberries (I use frozen)

1 cup frozen strawberries

¾  to one apple (I cut into quarters and freeze ahead of time)

You will need to use the vitamix plunger and push the fruit into the blade – the mix will be very thick. If you are not strong enough, cut the amount of fruit down by reducing equally. Try 2 bananas, ½ apple and one or two less strawberries.


I make this daily and portion it into 6 oz or so portions and refrigerate.


Go to google and put in the name of the ingredients and the word “nutrients” this is the way to fine tune your recipe to the nutrient balance you seek.


I take 2 1200 mg pancreatic enzymes 30 minutes before eating (your needs will vary read about how to determine: )


Some changes in the recipe:

Grapes out of season – I use more apples

Add sunflower seeds 1 tsp

Add pumpkin seeds 1 tsp

I have switched from making juice to using as a base to using the same veggies cut up and frozen then cut into zip lock bags in a ruffly 15 ounce serving instead. Try it (more fiber less preparation time).

I am also up to 12 ounces of oatmeal. I add 12 ounce of distilled water to make this work. You may choose to pre-cook the oatmeal, especilly if you are using steel-cut or five-minute varieties.

The newer Vitamix are better, stronger and easier to use.

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