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Okra Pepsin Suggested Usage:

Okra Pepsin is consumed with food three times a day to help gradually remove the built up mucus layer from the small intestine. Your body has protected you from questionable food choices by issuing mucous to protect the fragile tissue. When consuming the Standard American Diet, it is very common for mucus to build up and reduce your ability to absorb nutrients.

Why mucus buildup in small intestine happens with packaged products:

With over 3000 food additives approved by the FDA and not requiring labeling (when added under a certain threshold) the results are that cancer will increase.

Why? Every time your body comes under the stress of foreign invaders be it man made or ‘natural’ your body will defend itself by issuing mucus to protect the delicate tissue in the digestive track from damage.

Repeated mucus response will reduce the successful absorption of nutrients. With fewer quality nutrients being absorbed into the body the incidence of inferior or damaged new cells being made is increased.

The common definition of Cancer cells are mutated cells (inferior or damaged).

I have not witnessed any alternative health practitioner recommending packaged, processed foods to assist in disease recovery.

So to recover and stay healthy your job is to purchase and consume organic, minimally processed foods to nurture your good health.

Okra-Pepsin is recommended for use during the first six months that you are off the processed food additives.

You may also benefit from consuming pancreatic enzymes 30 minutes before each meal, Read about how this works and How much pancreatic enzyme should I take with each meal?.

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Dale Maxwell,

Disease Recovery Coach

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