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Enzyme Dosage

Pancreatin 325 or 1200 is not as effective as Kelley Solozyme in breaking Cancer Cells. Pancreatin 325 or 1200 contains only amylase, protease and lipase Kelley Enzyme are more effective with cancer Kelley Enzymes VS USP Enzymes Calculate Needed PEP or Solozyme and 1200 to Provide Enzymes Enzymes consumed near food digest the food first. […]

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Bulking Agents – Psyllium Husks – Avoid Taking Near Meals or Vitamins

Common sense reminder about Colon Pills and all bulking items: Bulking items contain soluble and insoluble fiber. The insoluble fiber sweeps debris through the digestive track. Here is the caution: It is best to avoid taking nutritional supplements with the bulking items because some of the nutrition may be carried through your digestive system without […]

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Pancreatic Enzyme Capsules or Tablets? What is Best For You?

We now have available Pancreatic Enzymes (USP) in both Capsules and Tablets. Advantages of Tablets: Better at surviving stomach acid (for people unable to consume the enzymes well ahead of the meal – and for snackers too) More rugged for carrying around in pocket or purse (in ziplock baggies) Disadvantages of Tablets: The fillers and binders can be offensive to some sensitive people Advantages of Capsules: Sensitive people prefer capsules generally due to the reduction or elimination of fillers and […]

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May Be Addicted To Morphine?

Morphine is an extremely addictive painkiller. In fact, morphine addictive properties make it a Schedule II narcotic under the Controlled Substances Act. When addicts try to quit morphine, they often experience severe cramps, pains and anxiety which can result in using the drug again in order to avoid withdrawal. But what are some clear signs […]

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Kelley Enzymes VS USP Enzymes

For those who have been told they have cancer, following a modified Kelley Metabolic program. In this modified version we use Pancreatin USP to be taken thirty minutes prior to eating. I recommend the Kelley Enzymes taken well away from food three times each day 12 capsules each time for a total of thirty-six capsules (twenty-seven grams.) These enzymes are porcine from New Zealand. And in addition, thirty minutes prior to eating take nine grams of pancreatin USP to assist in digesting the food. It is important to support your […]

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