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Mel Gibson expresses his concern on the growing danger of losing our rights as Americans to take vitamins as we see fit.

    Why not let the tiny Vitamin C Foundation share the health benefits of vitamin C with the public?Sign the Petition Government bureaucrats would rather see American’s suffer and die than allow the Vitamin C Foundation tell the truth. The bureaucrats would probably counter that they are simply following the law. If so, the […]

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Dr Ashkar

Bonnie has been doing this process for six months so far, as of Sunday, April 9, 2017 19:45:14.     I do not agree with him that it does not matter if you eat contaminated foods (pesticides, etc) – he says just use his method to remove the toxins. Dale   His book

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38 year cancer survivor

How I survived terminal cancer w/ alternative cancer treatments Rick Hill reports how he got well Detoxing Coffee Enemas Juicing Supplements 25-38 per day for 38 years no gluten Comment from Dale, I do not recommend any packaged foods (even gluten free.) Attitude 23 minutes Is your life worth Saving? Is the life you left behind worth going […]

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