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Mel Gibson expresses his concern on the growing danger of losing our rights as Americans to take vitamins as we see fit.

    Why not let the tiny Vitamin C Foundation share the health benefits of vitamin C with the public?Sign the Petition Government bureaucrats would rather see American’s suffer and die than allow the Vitamin C Foundation tell the truth. The bureaucrats would probably counter that they are simply following the law. If so, the […]

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Dr Ashkar

Bonnie has been doing this process for six months so far, as of Sunday, April 9, 2017 19:45:14.     I do not agree with him that it does not matter if you eat contaminated foods (pesticides, etc) – he says just use his method to remove the toxins. Dale   His book

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38 year cancer survivor

How I survived terminal cancer w/ alternative cancer treatments Rick Hill reports how he got well Detoxing Coffee Enemas Juicing Supplements 25-38 per day for 38 years no gluten Comment from Dale, I do not recommend any packaged foods (even gluten free.) Attitude 23 minutes Is your life worth Saving? Is the life you left behind worth going […]

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57 Year Old Woman with Lump

Diet Ideal Diet to recover and thrive is 100% Whole Food Plant based diet with no free oil, at least until you recover. Do not believe me blindly, study the science behind the diet choices. Reasons for vegan cancer diet: Reasons to avoid milk to recover and avoid cancer: Reasons to avoid Chicken […]

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Kelley Process

The chart below is the updated budget enzyme recommendation. The Kelley Enzymes are taken well away from food. The 1200’s are taken thirty minutes prior to each meal. Kelley Enzymes 1200 Pancreatin  

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