Earth Energy Stresses

The Geomantic Lines

In geomancy and radiesthesia, various geomantic grids and earth rays are distinguished: the Curry, Hartmann and Benker grids and fault lines and water veins.


Fault lines

Because the continents and the earth’s crust are in motion, new friction and tension points constantly arise, causing fault lines. They can be torn open by earthquakes or volcanic activity or emerge as the result of seismic influences and glaciers that move a great deal of rock. These forces form breaks and cracks in the rock layers which can be several kilometers long. The layers rub against these fractures, resulting in differences in elevation. Rays from within the earth, similar to those from water veins, which we will discuss later, exit these faults; they are significantly wider.

Combined with geomantic grid intersections, these fault lines emit even more radiation. They are among the strongest and most dangerous interference zones for humans, especially when they run under houses and sleeping quarters. Fault lines are treacherous because they are deep underground and thus usually not recognizable. Sensitive people perceive their orientation and effects quite directly and often suffer when they remain nearby for too long. But even people who cannot feel them directly experience irritability and anxiety and have trouble concentrating.


Water veins

Water veins are the most common cause of earth radiation; there are many more of them than there are fault lines. But the delineations of their radiation fields are indistinct. There are three types of water veins:

Water-rich areas have strong ground water currents, particularly in the basins of lakes and rivers. They flow parallel to the above-ground water, from inlet to outlet of a lake or the source of a river to the sea, generating earth or water radiation.

Underground channels are independent subterranean rivers, not determined by the flow of the surface water bodies above them. They run at a depth of up to 1,200 m and can be several meters wide for kilometers at a time. These underground rivers have an exceptionally strong effect on people, especially when they run below villages and cities.

Drainage systems conduct rainwater or overflow from rivers and lakes into the ground and thus into the groundwater. These water veins and their radiation fields are the weakest, not least because they are only present during rainy weather.


Hartmann grid 

The grid is named after Dr. Ernst Hartmann, who was the first to discover and research this grid. He conducted geobiological research with scientists from related disciplines to verify his findings. The Hartmann grid is a cubic network of earth rays that encompasses the earth horizontally. The lines of this grid run from north to south at intervals of 2 m and from west to east at intervals of 2.50 m. This creates not cubes, but prisms with a width-to-length ratio of 4/5. The magnetic energies of these prisms alternate from positive to negative, which means that they are generally balanced and have no significant effect on people. However, when the Hartmann grid lines or their intersections cross other grids, water veins or fault lines, they can create rays that are just as harmful as the others. They usually cause nervous disorders, frequent illnesses, sleeplessness and general uneasiness.


Benker grid

The grid is named after the master carpenter and avid dowser Anton Benker, who discovered it and documented its presence. The Benker grid, unlike the Hartmann grid, is symmetrical (forming cubes) and runs around the earth nearly parallel to the former, although there are minor variations. It is comprised of rows and columns of 10 x 10 meter cubes with alternating positive and negative charges which affect humans quite directly. The positive fields can be harmful if one stays in them for too long: they can cause overstimulation, inflammation, nervousness and general restlessness. The negative fields can draw energy out of the body and have a weakening effect, lowering our immune system’s defenses against illness. The Benker grid emits no immediately harmful radiation, but during lengthy stays near Benker lines or shorter stays at points where grid lines cross faults or water veins and other grids, its interference can become noticeable, especially when the intersections of more than one grid coincide.


Curry grid

The energetic grid is named after Dr. Manfred Curry, who discovered it and was the first to report on it, attracting a great deal of attention. The Curry grid is a global cubic network, but its earth rays run diagonally, unlike the Hartmann and Benker grids, which run around the earth horizontally.

The cubes formed by the Curry grid have a width of 3 meters and the energy lines are about 20 cm wide. This grid network runs from pole to pole with a northwest-southeast and northeast-southwest orientation. It is influenced greatly by the phases of the moon and emits much more radiation at night than during the day, especially when the moon is full. Sleep disorders are attributed to this grid, especially at full moon and sensitive people sometimes find the radiation of this grid particularly troublesome. The intersections of the Curry grid with other grids generate the highest levels of radiation and can cause regular health problems such as migraines, headaches and tooth and jaw pain. The highly energetic Curry grid also resonates with the following electromagnetic lines and fields.


Note: All three geomantic grids are cubic and correspond to the cube formed by the five Platonic bodies of creation (see page 28).


This is just a small excerpt from the book GAIA LEGACY.


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Amalgams and mercury gas exposure

If you have any amalgams in your mouth, depending on your current strength (etc) removal is advised.

Dr. Kelley generally would advise that this could be done during the third or fourth month on the Kelley program.


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Root Canal Removal Resources

Eliminate the root canals and make sure the socket is scraped by 1mm to remove the tooth ligament. If any remains you could develop cavitations (pockets where bacteria can make a home).

Contact for a referral to a properly trained dentist.

Well recognized contributors to disease include:
Root canals. Any root canals you have in your body are releasing toxins. A root canal tooth is dead and no one would leave a dead part in a body. It makes no sense that dentists do this.

Youtube Videos
Price-Pottenger foundation lists over 20 books, courses and reports documenting the root canal coverup.

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And More on Root Canals

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Book Mentioned in video


After Dental Surgery

Re-inoculate your gut bacteria



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What To Do If You Get Food Poisoning Symptoms

You may get food poisoning from a number of locations and circumstances. I suggest it is best to be prepared wth a clinical strength probiotic.

Food poisoning is a common infectious condition that affects millions of people in the United States each year.

Most commonly, people complain of vomiting, diarrhea, and cramping abdominal pain.

Standard treatment for food poisoning focuses on keeping the affected person well hydrated.

Most cases of food poisoning resolve on their own, however, re-inoculation will speed recovery and boost your immune system.

Other circumstances that can damage your microbiome (gut bacteria) you should be prepared for include:

Dental Visit – I suggest you refuse any fluoride or bleaching and understand that if you choose to take an antibiotic, you will kill as much as 33% of the healthy gut bacteria.

Travel – you may get bacteria that the locals are fine with but give you big problems.

Travel by airline and cruise ships have been reported in the news for some time now, and it is unlikely to magically disappear from being an occasional problem. It is a big enough problem that the World Health Organization is now in its third revision of the guidelines.


I suggest that you take one packet at the first sign of distress and a total of two times per day for three days should repopulate your gut.

Use common sense and seek a health practitioner if symptoms to not quickly resolve. You should seek medical care if they have an associated fever, blood in their stool (rectal bleeding), signs and symptoms of dehydration, or if their symptoms do not resolve after a couple of days

The one we recommend you have on hand keeps well and travels well. Each serving is listed here:

Ship Image from Wikipedia

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Coffee Enema Instructions

Enema Instructions

Read why you can benefit from coffee enemas and how they work here:

Then Download the PDF Here: Basic Instructions (PDF Download)

Basic Enema Video

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Not Everyone can hold a quart video

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Advanced Enema Instructions

Advanced Enema Video


If you add an extension tube to you enema bucket the PDF instruction will save you from a mess:

Enema Hose Extension Instructions PDF Instructions

Enema Hose Preparation
Enema Hose Preparation


Instruction for Friendly Bacteria Enema  – Get the Toxins Out and Implant Good Bacteria:

  1. Water Enema
  2. Coffee Enema
  3. Friendly Bacteria Enema

Instruction for Friendly Bacteria Enema

Fill a quart milk bottle 3/4 full with cool distilled water

Empty 2 Flora-G Capsules in water and replace cap and shake

Bonnie Likes to stir with a battery operated stir device:

Overcoming Allergies

Dirty Water Warning

Liver Detoxification with Coffee Enemas and The History of Coffee Enemas

Coffee Enemas and How To Take Them and The Gerson Method of Making Concentrated Coffee for Coffee Enemas

Please Submit any Questions you did not find the answers for…

We want to answer every question you have – ask your question here

Enema Instructions

Advanced Instructions Audio


Enema Bucket Set


Enema Extension Tube, 14″ (Enema Bucket Attachment)


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Why less than 5% animal intake?

Don't believe me, study: Plant Based Diet Education:

Study these 3 guys:

John McDougall

Colin Campbell

and Caldwell B. Esselstyn

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For Amazon Prime and other Video To TV Services: Player with Youtube also





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The Four Stages of Competency

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In psychology, the four stages of competence relate to the psychological states involved in the process of progressing from incompetence to competence in a skill:

Written Description

Unconscious Incompetence:

The individual neither understands or knows how to do something, nor recognizes the deficit or has a desire to address it.

Conscious Incompetence

Though the individual does not understand or know how to do something, he or she does recognize the deficit, without yet addressing it.

Conscious Competence:

The individual understands or knows how to do something. However, demonstrating the skill or knowledge requires a great deal of consciousness or concentration.

Unconscious Competence:

The individual has had so much practice with a skill that it becomes “second nature” and can be performed easily (often without concentrating too deeply). He or she can also teach it to others.

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Suppose Eons Ago… A Short Story by Dale Maxwell

This story is a speculation… examining one possible explanation of how your thoughts can create disease.

In the beginning

Suppose eons ago our genetic forefathers had some kind of defense mechanism that included a chemical defense system. It could have been a spray like a skunk or maybe it included fangs with poison injectors like a snake. (Remember we are only speculating.)

As time moved forward we evolved into humans and as this happened we developed the ability to reason and no longer needed the poison to defend ourselves from aggressors.


Suppose some residual cells, just a few cells, exist that react the same way those protective mechanisms did, producing toxins to protect us when we become angry, fearful or uneasy.

We have no way to spray or inject, so the poison does not exit (as it used to when we were defending ourselves)… it lingers in our body and contributes to disease.

What to do

Our ability to reason has provided us with the ability to learn to how to:

Avoid producing the defense response

  • Stay in conscious awareness of what in the past has triggered the defense response
  • Learn how to respond to the stimulus in a positive way that does not trigger the release of toxins

Develop skills for releasing

Your body may be creating a defense response from some past event that poses no real current danger to you. Even though no current danger exists, when you “relive” the event you are creating toxins in today's body. This contributes to ongoing disease.

There are many tools available today that allow you to systematically let go of the past event and heal. Seek out these tools and begin healing today.


Training material and coaching are
available here:

Please download the PDF – extra content:

PDF Version of This Story

Healing book:

About Author:
(c) 2002 -2007, 2016 Dale Maxwell

Permission to reprint in entirety giving full credit is granted.

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Viral words and phrases

The words you use can be uplifting and positive – or – depressing and negative.

The words you are exposed to can be uplifting and positive – or – depressing and negative.


Now is the time for you to inoculate yourself against negative language. It will take you just a moment to open the awareness already residing in you. Disempowering language is not good for you or for the recipient.  When crafting the written word it is perhaps even more important to pay attention.

Some viral words / phrases : Comment
I am sorry While at first it sounds OK, it is disempowering for both the sender of the message and the recipient. The sender sounds like a wimp/fool/weakling and the recipient is not engaged in forgiving you. So a more powerful and better statement is to ask for forgiveness.
Try Trying to do anything precludes success. To paraphrase a famous puppet “Luke, do not try … do or do not.”
Maybe A dis-empowering word – use yes or no
A headache lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to three hours. This verbiage was taken from a column written by an MD. This is an example of a command delivered by an authority figure. Watch out for commands delivered by authority figures.
You get over that. This was a statement in a movie where the mother commands the adult daughter, with regards to the adult daughter wanting male companionship.

Your “State” the frequency that you are vibrating in is controllable with language

You can improve your State or erode your state by the words you use, the following are a few examples.

Some viral words / phrases that effect State: Comment, alternative language
Some one asks you how business is and you answer Alternate positive and true answer can always be “Unbelievable” ! Stated with your most enthusiastic voice.
I am stressed out by
life… events… etc
I am excited, I am entertained, I remain neutral, I remain grounded, I gain strength and flexibility by events, I am unstoppable!
Old Reliable, staying power, wisdom, flexibility, movement.
I feel tired I sleep deep, well and awake with energy and excitement.
I am accident prone This message programs your nature to be just that. I remain in balance.



List your own and those you observe.

© 2002, 2004, 2016 Dale Maxwell CHT, NLP –

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