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  • Making a big batch of concentrated coffee and storing in quart glass containers in the refrigerator is an option

Bonnie starts off with an 18-quart stainless pot (you can use whatever container that works for you).

You can order organic coffee from SA Wilson (Bonnie did not like the results she got with this brand but you can test for yourself). Any caffeinated organic coffee will do.

  1. Use distilled water
  2. Twelve level cups of Organic Coffee (coarsely ground) makes about fifteen quarts of concentrate.
  3. Heat water to a boil
  4. Carefully pour the coffee into the water and stir until all the grounds are fully wet. Continue to stir until the mixture begins to return to a boil.
  5. Turn down to a low boil or high simmer
  6. If you fail to get the temperature low enough you can boil it over, so you might want to hover over the pot for the first few minutes
  7. Cover with screen
  8. Set timer for twenty minutes
  9. After 20 minutes add more water to replace the steam loss, remove the screen and place the lid on the pot
  10. Wait until the pot has cooled (this takes 8 or more hours) and then use a one or two cup plastic measuring cup to pour the concentrate into quart-size glass bottles. To avoid having coffee grounds in the bottles place a funnel with a strainer in it into the bottles and pour the concentrate through the strainer. Empty the strainer into the trash when it gets full, which is often toward the end of the process. Note: The coffee grounds make good fertilizer for trees (our trees love the coffee grounds they get on a regular basis)
  11. Store your concentrate in the refrigerator (shelf life is approximately two weeks in the refrigerator). Note: We use quart-size glass milk bottles as they are easier to pour from as opposed to quart-size glass Mason Jars
  12. For each enema, measure out a cup of concentrated coffee and pour it into your enema bucket along with 3 to 4 cups heated distilled water
  13. Yield is about 15 quarts of concentrated coffee

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