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Michael Vrentas Requested a one click List of cancer Essentials – thanks, Michael

You will have many questions and if you would like a 20 minute – no cost – no obligation – consult click here to go to the page that explains how to go about this opportunity,

Dale Maxwell,
Disease Recovery Coach

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Essential Supplements for Beating Cancer
Essential Supplements for Beating Cancer
Module 1 Foundational Understanding
Rather than follow instructions blindly, I encourage you to understand each part of the recovery process and how it supports your overall recovery goals.
Unit 1 Change Happens When You Begin to Take Pancreatic Enzymes  
Module 2 How Each Supplement Contributes to Recovery
How Each Supplement Contributes to Recovery
Unit 1 Dr. Kelley's Solozyme Pancreatic Enzymes to Digest Cancer  
Unit 2 Okra Pepsin Cleans Small Intestine of Mucus that Blocks Nutrition  
Unit 3 Potassium Compound (Electrolyte to Balance Electrolytes)  
Unit 4 1200 or 325 mg Pancreatin Taken Thirty Minutes Before Meals to Digest Food  
Unit 5 Clinical Strength Probiotic for Restoration of Gut Health  
Unit 6 LiveRite - Liver Support Supplement  
Unit 7 MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution - Immune Booster  
Unit 8 Cancer Conversations - A Map to Finding Answers  
Module 3 Optional Supplements Depending on the Circumstances
Optional Supplements Depending on Your History
Unit 1 Clear Multivite All In One  
Unit 2 True Chelate, Iron and Methyl Homocysteine Regulate  
Unit 3 Scar Tissue | Serrapeptase is Recommended  
Unit 4 Phosfood Liquid - Used for Liver Flush  
Unit 5 CoQ10 and/or PQQ  
Module 4 Detox and Ongoing Liver Support
Detox and Ongoing Liver Support
Unit 1 Why So Many Coffee Enemas?  
Unit 2 Candidiasis (Yeast Infection)  
Unit 3 Liver Support (ongoing)  
Unit 4 Friendly Bacteria's Every Day Killers, What to Avoid and And What to Do  
Module 5 What others say about supplements
What others say about supplements
Unit 1 Understanding Supplements (Vit D, Vit B12, Oils & Probiotics) with Dr. John McDougall  
Module 6 Optional Treatments

Most people are in a big hurry to "cure cancer" and thin hat piling on the protocols will be the fastest way to achieve recovery.  

The best and safest way in my years of experience with cancer recovery indicates this is not generally correct. Please consider my advice in this area and move in a measured systematic way.

Unit 1 Crystal Oxygen (Dosage, Care and Handling)  
Unit 2 Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy  
Module 7 Energy Medicine

Many different kinds and price ranges of equipment and services to consider.

Unit 1 Switch Settings for the BIO MEDICI "Magnetic Stimulator"  
Unit 2 Genius Insight Biofeedback  
Module 8 Your Healthy Environment
Your Healthy Environment
There are no units in this module.
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