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  • If and when to add alternative cancer therapies to the Kelley Pancreatic Proteolytic Program

My recommendation is to get to the pont that you can follow the enzyme recommendation of 54 grams per day (12 caps six times per day) before adding to your process.

The biggest challanges most people have is managing:

1. Detoxing
2. The daily complexity of managing diet and supplementation

Alternative cancer treatments: About 475,000,000 results (0.69 seconds) 

I recommend you master the Kelley Program and everything is working smoothly before adding in more protocols, this means you get managing the detox process understood and mastered before you consider adding additional treatments.

After you function well on 72 enzymes each day for two 25 day cycles and stlll want to add another protocol to your day ... this is the time to add one at a time with a 30 day time before adding another.

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