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I want you to be successful in recovering as quickly as possible.

In order for me to be able to give you the very best advice from my years of experience in helping people to recover from disease, I ask that you be patient and fill out my questionnaires in advance of our chat so that I will already know you by your history. The reason I like to do this in this manner is that it requires much less time than me asking you all these questions while we spend our time together on our go-to meeting.

I understand I'm asking a lot. If at this moment you feel that you can't do this for whatever personal reason and you just have a question about a specific product that we have, by all means use the button at the lower right-hand corner of the webpage and send me a message and ask me the question. I may have answered it already. In that case I will send you to the specific page on our website. If I haven't already answered your question, I will create a page and/or a video to answer it. Thank you.

Dale 623-242-2460

Preparation instruction 

1)  In less than 4 minutes this video will give you a bit of guidance about what to do next and set some expectations. 

Download Quanta Capsule App for free trial

I will need your name and date of birth and the email address you use when you register the quanta cap so I can collect your voice and photo to use in the stress evaluation session I will perform for you.

The day before we meet is the time to download the Quanta Capsule application and register the application (free for seven days) and use it to capture a voice clip and photo, I will access your voice and photo for the session and when we are complete with our meeting. I will send a selection of frequencies that we assembled to you so you can play them back on the Phone or pad you installed the quanta application on. 

You will want to play them a couple of times each day for a week to entrain the frequencies. I will give you specific instructions after our session.

Depending on your current techknowledge skills you may want to access a “How To” video to see how to download, register  the app and then record your voice and to take your photo.

Orientation on the quanta capsule:

And or:


Entrainment is an important characteristic of interactions between brain rhythms and refers to the coupling of two independent oscillatory systems in such a way that their periods of oscillation become related by virtue of phase alignment (Cummins, 2009).

From: Progress in Brain Research, 2017

Download a free trial app to your phone. After we work together, we will select a number of specific frequencies. You can entrain beneficial frequencies in as little as seven days by playing them a couple of times each day for as little as 5 to 10 minutes while you relax, read or meditate. Be sure and activate the application (free trial) or I will not be able to send you the frequencies. 

 Apple IOS Quanta Capsule 

Android Google Play Store Quanta Capsule 

Record Voice Clip

If you have downloaded the Quanta Cap and recorded your voice and photo you can skip this section. If you are adverse to mobile application please continue and record below.

If you want to provide the audio and picture in one place please choose to record a video -- I will stop the video and capture one frame to use in the biofeedback process. If you want total control of the photo then choose audio only. You will need to take a selfie and send it to me. By text: 925-212-1415 or email: [email protected].

In the audio please state your name, then repeat slowly several times A E I O U. Or, if you prefer, you can speak your name, say A E I O U once and then make a statement of your desire. The recording will need to be 15 seconds (or more) in length.

As you receive the frequency balancing, with each exposure your field changes and for best results you may provide a new recording prior to each session.

Start with "My name is" ____________

Then slowly say A E I O U

Then one statement of your choice.

Example desire statements:

I enjoy ideal metabolic function
I fuel my mind with healthy thoughts
I fuel my body with healthy foods
I eat foods that energize and sustain me
I fuel my mind and body with exercise
I feel every cell in my body get healthier every day
Every day my mind and body are becoming more healthy and energetic

Then A E I O U

What you can record for use in biofeedback: Example of recording:

Take a selfie and send it to me

If you have downloaded the Quanta Cap and recorded your voice and photo you can skip this section. If you are adverse to mobile application please continue.

Take a selfie against a blank background (inside with a white wall behind you or outside with no people behind you) email the photo to me [email protected]

Open Questionnaire to provide background info and complete

If the form is not displayed above this message please click this link:

Choose a time and date from my personal calendar

Note: If none of the times in the next few days will work for you, please call me and I will find a slot for you. Dale 625-242-2460

Self Evaluation Form

Bonus Aura Video 15 minutes

Click this to download the Learning Aura  document mentioned in the video

Bonus Aura Video Class 1 hour 36 minutes

Click this to download the Learning Aura  document mentioned in the video

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