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Finding answers to disease recovery questions can be frustrating. Here is my recommendation for finding answers to your questions:

First, review this site for answers I have provided in the past by using the search feature, “Search All,” at the bottom of this page. Use the search feature by searching for key words in your question. This is the quickest way to find answers to your questions.

Second, if your did not find the answer, take the time to write a clear description of your problem. Some times doing this will help you to clarify your problem and/or question.

Next, send me your description of your problem and/or question. There are several ways you can do this: If you have connected with me on Skype, you can send it to me by Skype. The second way is to use the box at the lower right corner of this page called “Leave a Message.” Paste the clear description of your problem and/or question into this area and send it to me. The third and least reliable way is to send me an email (since I get 100's of them every day I might miss your message). The fourth way is to use the “Help” option in the shopping cart and paste your description and/or question in the notes section of the purchase.

If you prefer to ask me questions by phone, I’m happy to do that. If so, please refer to my consultation page for setting up a paid consultation. 

For Guidance on working with me or any other professional coach, please download and read my book: “How To Get The Most From Your Coach Or Mentor” By Dale Maxwell, ChT, NLP, Cancer Recovery Coach


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