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In order to fully recover from disease you must supplement adequate pancreatic enzymes to do two distinct things…

Digesting Food:

Enzymes consumed about 30 minutes prior to eating are primarily for breaking down your food and releasing the amino acids and other nutrients into your bloodstream. This is done to help your body rebuild perfect cells.

We use the 1200 mg pancreatic enzymes for this purpose.

Your digestion will be less than complete if you mistakenly consume some amount of pancreatic enzymes with your food. This is because pancreatic enzymes are alkaline and, assuming your stomach produces stomach acid, some amount of the pancreatic enzymes will be consumed by the stomach acid and some amount of the stomach acid will be neutralized by the pancreatic enzymes, which makes digestion less complete.

Digesting Cancer:

The PEP product is recommended to be taken well way from food. I recommend one and a half hours before and/or after eating food.

The Kelley PEP enzymes may also be taken half an hour before eating food to aid in digesting your food, but since it is much more expensive than the 1200 mg pancreatic enzymes you may substitute the 1200 mg pancreatic enzymes for digesting food with good results.

What is the difference between pancreatic USP and the Kelly products?

All pancreatic USP (United States Pharmacopeial Convention) products are created by taking animal pancreas (pork or beef) and running it through solvents and then a centrifuge to separate the components.

Amylase, protease and lipase are kept for use in various enzyme products and the other components are thrown away or sold onto secondary markets.

Amylase, protease and lipase are then”Standardized” into a Standard Measurement Dosage based on potency. The advantage of standardization is that whereas in nature each animal's pancreas contains a slightly different amount of potency of amylase, protease and lipase, the purchaser of the standardized product gets a consistent (ish) amount.

A 1200 mg tablet has 1200 mg of pancreatic USP.

There are fillers and binders added to create a mechanism to make a tablet. Or, in the case of a capsule, the fillers are added in order to lubricate the filling process.

We provide two different strengths of UPS enzymes. One is the 1200 mg pancreatic tablet and the second is the 325 mg Pancreatic tablet. Both are USP enzymes and the exact same process is used in manufacturing both of them.

The 325 mg pancreatic enzyme tablets are approximately the size of an aspirin.

The 1200 mg pancreatic enzyme tablets are larger. The advantage of the 1200 mg pancreatic enzyme tablets is that your cost per gram is less and you can take less tablets.

Kelley Enzymes (PEP and Solozyme):

The production process of the Kelly enzymes is a bit different. This is the way it was explained to me:

The entire pork pancreas gland is harvested and freeze dried. Extra trypsin and chymotrypsin are added and then everything is encapsulated with minimal processing.

In the case of the Kelley PEP enzymes other glandulars are added to help with healing. The glandulars are not added to the Kelley Solozyme enzymes, which are used for patients who are hormonally sensitive to cancer as the other glandulars may stimulate the cancer in a small number of cancer cases.

Distilled Water:

You will want to drink as much distilled water as needed throughout the day and to wash down the enzymes.

Do pancreatic enzymes digest sugar?

Pancreatic enzymes contain amylase, protease and lipase.

Amylase digests carbohydrates, sugar is in this category.

Okra Pepsin:

Okra Pepsin is consumed with food three times a day to help gradually remove the built up mucus layer from the small intestine. Your body has protected you from questionable food choices by issuing mucous to protect the fragile tissue. When consuming the Standard American Diet it is very common for mucus to build up and reduce your ability to absorb nutrients.

VitaMix Machine:

An alternative or supplement to juicing that is superior, in my opinion, to juicing alone is using the VitaMix machine to break up the fiber and include that in your diet.

Juicing throws away all fiber. Which means that any sugar that's in the product you're juicing is not buffered by the fiber.

Since cancer is a pancreatic disease and the pancreas is also responsible for producing insulin and managing blood sugar I don't recommend stressing it with regular consumption of carrot and apple juice. Drinking green juice is fine as it does not produce an insulin response.

One of the main reasons to juice is to get enzymes. Enzymes are very fragile after they have been extracted from the food. According to the Gerson Therapy all juices should be fresh and consumed immediately after removal from the juicing machine. Most people are unable to comply with this rule.

At the Gerson clinic, salads and baked potatoes are given two times a day and oatmeal is served daily for breakfast. Apples, bananas, grapes and a host of other fruits are encouraged to be eaten throughout the day. Thirteen times a day an eight ounce glass of freshly juiced fruit juice, carrot juice or green vegetable juice (including liver juice mixed with carrot juice two times a day when organic calves liver is readily available) is delivered to each patient with the expectation that the juice be consumed immediately (the goal is to drink the juice within 10 minutes of it being juiced). Insulin response is not a problem due to the adjacent consumption of foods rich in fiber.

What I regularly hear from patients who are adding homemade juice to their diet is that they are putting together a 32 ounce container of juice and taking it with them. By the time they finish drinking it many of the enzymes have diminished in their effectiveness.

Is it okay to take Beta Glucan one hour away from enzymes?

Since Beta Glucan does not require digestion I would think that it would not cause your stomach to start issuing massive amounts of stomach acid, so I don't think it will be a problem.

Butt Burning

Use the burning sensation in your rectum when having a bowel movement as a measurement to adjust the dosage of pancreatic enzymes.

As your body becomes more able to produce its own enzymes you may find that from time to time you need to adjust down the dosage of the enzymes.

It could take several years to get to the point where you don't need any amount of enzymes.

Or perhaps you'll never get to that point.

If you do get to the point where you stop taking them because you get the butt burning sensation my suggestion is that you experiment perhaps every month by taking an enzyme with your main meal to see if your body needs to start taking them again (you will be able to tell if you do not get the burning sensation).

Different times of the year you may need to adjust based on amount of pollen and contamination in the air.

In general the butt burning sensation can be used as a signal that you have consumed more enzymes than your body can use at the moment, so adjust accordingly.

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