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Following the “Budget Method”   Download One Page Timing Guide

Kelley Enzyme are taken well away from food to allow the enzymes to pass into the body for the purpose of going after cancer cells.  Three Bottles PEP (30 days at 36 per day 3 times 12 capsules)  Add to Cart

Pancreatic enzymes to digest food  will be consumed 30 minutes prior to beginning your meal, the enzymes are read for the food to pass out of the stomach and then be broken down into the nutrients and amino acids. One 1200mg Pancreatin (Over 24 days at 21 per day (3 times 7 Tablets) Add to Cart

Potassium salts are used daily to replace electrolytes that are washed out the colon by multiple coffee enemas.  One Potassium Salts (30 Days 2 tbls liquid per day) Add to Cart

Okra Pepsin is taken to gently remove the build up of mucus in the small intestine. (There are over 3000 food additives that may be used and combined to enhanced flavor, color, texture and shelf life in any processed foods. You body has been responding to these additives by issuing mucus to protect the cells from damage.) It is common to take up to six months to remove and rebuild the mucus barrier. If yu no longer consume processed foods you may discontinue the Okra-Pepsin after six months. One Okra Pepsin 150 caps (50 days – 3 per day with meals) Add to Cart

Liver Support important if you have taken any pharmaceuticals (chemo or pain or other.) LiveRite (2 bottle for first month) liver detox then one bottle per month for a few months  Add to Cart

Coffee Enema Supplies:

Enema bucket  Add to Cart

Enema extension Tube  Add to Cart

Extra For Some People

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Paid Coaching is available:

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