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Kelley Enzymes

For many years we were able to give a discount on the Ca+ when an individual purchased 10 or more bottles. The price of the Ca+ at that time was $325 a bottle when purchasing one bottle.

Two years ago we reduced the price of the Ca+ from $325 to $255 in order to give everyone a discount.

Since that time, as our margin is very small, we have not been giving further discounts.

Each bottle contains (360 capsules), which is a five day supply of the enzymes used as directed by Dr. Kelley for cancer patients (72 capsules per day).

Q – How long does it take for the enzymes to digest tumor material and restore health?

A – Since it is not possible to know exactly how much tumor material is currently needing to be digested – it is not possible to know exactly how much will be needed. In Dr Kelley's writings he does state that 6 month to two or more years could be the interval hat high dosage. In addition he suggests that a lower dosage will be needed to be taken for ever.

In my communications with 100's of former patients – some who recovered over 30 years ago, some continued to take maintenance amounts and never reported cancer again. Others who stopped taking enzymes – then in 6-10 years had cancer again, took enzymes again and recovered again. I even spoke to one who had gone through this cycle 3 times!!! (note by Dale)

Many other influences to consider in choosing to use the enzymes.

One or more of these can effect how long the enzymes will be needed at full dosage and even if the patient will recover.

  • Has the person been subjected to chemotherapy?
  • How long between noticing cancer and beginning taking enzymes?
  • How much weight has the person lost?
  • The attitude of the person with cancer.
  • The attitude of the family and support environment.
  • Other prescription drugs that the person is now consuming. Especially narcotics.

The cost of the enzymes:

Each 6 months taking 25 days a month at full dose. 30 bottles at $255.00 = $7650.00

Bargain – compromise method (documented below) =$4845.00

Take 12 PEP Capsules or (Solozyme Capsules if hormone-sensitive cancer) 750 mg per cap, three times each day well away from food. Take for a maximum of 25 days then break for 5 days.


Take 8 Pancreatin 1200 mg per tablet, 30 minutes or more prior to meals three times per day. Take every day – no break is required.

Your goal is to consume about 54 grams of pancreatin per day.


Detoxing is Required at high dosages of enzymes

Take one to five coffee enemas per day (every day) to assist your liver in expelling the bits of digested cancer cells that end up in your bloodstream and captured by your liver.

Signals to watch for that indicate it is time to take an enema:

  • A headache

  • Nausea

  • Ache or pain anywhere

  • Tipsy

  • Loopy

  • Disoriented

  • Wrung Out

  • Funny Tingles

  • Anything that does not seem right

Patience is required. You may have a CA125 blood test from time to time (best taken on the fifth day of the break) if you feel you want confirmation of changes.

What to look for and when depends on the type and placement of the disease. Generally, most people will not feel significantly better for three months, then gradually begin to feel better.

A tumor may seem to get larger at first, this may be due to the “shell encapsulation” eroding and allowing the tumor to open.

In addition to the frequent coffee enemas, you may detox with a far infrared lamp or far infrared sauna.

Photo measurements, if you have a visible lump, take a picture with a ruler visible every 30 days to track progress.

If you are experiencing weeping at a wound site, keep it clean and use wound care protocols. Increase the coffee enemas as your body is expelling toxins.

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The cautious diet would be 100 percent plant-based. I recommend this for two years for most people. Animal has higher toxins and requires pancreatic enzymes to break down, provides no fiber and is not required for most people.

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