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Please do not give up on moving through the Cancer Recovery Process Using the Kelley Program because you are stuck. Put your question in writing. Once you have clearly written down the problem, it is easier to resolve.

Ask me for help after you have followed my instructions in the coaching book.

I am happy to speak to you briefly over the phone or Skype.

If you have a series of questions please put them in writing and send them to me with ‘QUESTION’ in the subject line so I do not miss your question. I will address your question promptly, usually the next day. I answer these questions at no cost.

If you prefer to ask me questions by phone, I’m happy to do that, however if so, please refer to my consultation page for setting up a paid consultation. 

For Guidance on working with me or any other professional coach please download and read my book: “How To Get The Most From Your Coach Or Mentor” By Dale Maxwell, ChT, NLP, Cancer Recovery Coach

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