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It is a fact of life that, every pancreatic enzyme product that I am aware of has from time to time experienced a delivery delay.

Since the Kelley Enzymes are a minimally processed pork pancreas product and not a pharmaceutical product with preservatives and chemicals with perhaps (with nothing to degenerate) a very long real safe shelf live, they are made in small batches.

I would encourage you, once you are satisfied that you will be continuing to take these enzymes on a regular basis to purchase a month or two supply and begin rotating by regularly re-ordering a weekly interval. I believe this to be prudent investment in your wellbeing.

Kelley Enzymes, kept in a cool dark place are easily safe and effective for well over a year.

If you cannot budget a one time purchase to stockpile, then do the best you can, the shortest interruption we have experienced in the last year has been 40 days.


Dale Maxwell

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