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  • Crystal Oxygen 180 Capsules 550 mg per capsule Enhances Blood-Oxygen levels – (Hydrogen Peroxide Crystals)

Crystal Oxygen 180 Capsules 550 mg per capsule Enhances Blood-Oxygen levels – (Hydrogen Peroxide Crystals)


Consists of:

PEROXY-4-HYDRATE.  A dry alkaline form of Peroxide. Oxygen is available in contact with water. Shallow breathing and air pollution promote bodily oxygen deficits. Crystal Oxygen rebuilds that loss.

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G2 Sacramental Kit 2

Consists of:

PEROXY-4-HYDRATE.  A dry alkaline form of Peroxide. Oxygen is available in contact with water. Shallow breathing and air pollution promote bodily oxygen deficits. Crystal Oxygen rebuilds that loss.

Each bottle contains 180 “O” size capsules.

NOTE: Crystal Oxygen is a dietary supplement. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Crystal Oxygen is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Below are antidotal stories – not to be considered claims – per FDA disclaimer guidelines.

To use as a Tooth Paste:

Mix capsule contents with baking soda, add water and make a paste; brush teeth and gums.


Store in cool dry place, keep away from children.

Crystal Oxygen (Dosage, Care and Handling)

This report discusses Crystal Oxygen (CO). This information is provided to aid the user in taking full advantage of this very useful health supplement.

CO is a crystalized form of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Upon contact with water or a suitable beverage, the crystals convert to hydrogen peroxide at which time oxygen is released into the body. There are no adverse effects produced by the oxygen available in either food grade hydrogen peroxide (HP) or in crystalized oxygen. HP is one of the primary elements produced within the human body (contained in white blood cells), it is an integral part of our immune system!

Using Crystal Oxygen

The use of crystalized hydrogen peroxide as an internal purge is substantial and positive. If you are not familiar with the effects of oxygen this report will be found helpful. CO has become the preferred choice for oxygen as a healthful supplement. The uses of oxygen are extensive. When we use oxygen we are using one of the two primary essentials of physical life: water and oxygen! Information in support of oxygen, whether by deep breathing or as a supplement is not based solely on laymen findings. Hundreds of bonafide, hand-on research reports by qualified, credentialed medical professionals also exist. These reports appear in prestigious medical journals both in the US and abroad.

Symptoms To Expect When Using Crystal Oxygen:

The beginning of a CO regimen (the release of oxygen internally) is similar to the start of a cleansing fast. A cleansing fast is started when a person desires to clean up any internal disease causing obstructions. At the start of the fast the body goes through a detoxing experience. Depending on the extent of the toxic build-up in the body, the detoxing experience will be of long or short duration.

This cleansing action or “detoxing experience” is due to obstructions being dissolved and dislodged by oxygen. In his book, Mucous-less-Diet System, Professor Arnold Ehret explains it this way: “If you drink only water during a fast, the human mechanism cleanses itself the same way as if you were to squeeze water out of a dirty sponge. The water in this instance is sticky mucous and in many cases contains pus and drugs. They must travel through the circulation system until they are so thoroughly dissolved they can pass through the fine structure of the ‘physiological sieve’ called the kidneys. As long as there is waste in the circulatory system, you feel miserable, but as soon as it is through the kidneys, you feel fine. Two or three days later the same process repeats itself.”

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This condition is also felt with an oxygen purge.

Possible Cleansing Reactions:

Possible cleansing reactions may include: skin eruptions, stomach pain, nausea, sore throat, coughing, constipation or diarrhea, runny nose, flu-like feelings, headaches, and fever. The detoxification process is a process of dissolving plaque, cholesterol and other solid deposits in the veins and capillaries; even carcasses of microorganisms destroyed by the oxygen contribute to the discomfort.

Also, the oxygen purge “cleansing reaction” is very similar to the so-called “common cold.” Our body, during this adverse condition, especially the sinus and lung cavities, reach a saturation point, i.e., they overflow with mucous through the nose and throat. This substance accumulates from unassimilable additives and chemicals in our food chain, from water impurities and eating food combinations that react with each other adversely, to eating junk food and/or eating more than what is required to sustain life. Add to that drugs (of all varieties), tobacco, alcohol, water and environment pollutants, food radiation and microwaving and you have the ingredients to produce anything from a common cold to a major disease.

How can this condition be prevented? By having a greater concern for the food and beverages we consume; by implanting benevolent bacteria (via yogurt and pro- biotic supplements www.candida-g.com), especially when taking — and following — a course of prescribed antibiotics; and by pursuing a maintenance program to purge and flush our circulatory and digestive systems. In this way only will our bodies be restored to good health. Sounds easy enough.

There is a common thread between a CO/oxygen regimen, a flu-like cold and a fast; it is a feeling of discomfort. How long the severity of the discomfort lasts is dependent upon the amount of “unwanted” toxic/mucous accumulation is in one’s body. When a person starts an oxygen regimen, it should be kept in mind that where there is no pain or discomfort, there is no gain. Once the body is cleansed a more healthy life will be enjoyed.

Crystal Oxygen Purge Schedule:

The dosages listed in the methods below, except as noted, are always taken with at least five ounces of distilled or purified water. CO can be taken with water or with clear juices (no fiber). It is not to be taken with alcohol, milk or with carbonated beverages.

The best way to take CO is straight with water. The best time to take it is when the stomach is empty during the day and preferably before breakfast. It should be taken only when it is felt that the stomach is empty, a half to one hour before eating. Some people take CO with water and follow-up a few minutes later with their morning tea or coffee. This doesn’t dilute the oxygen because the crystals dissolve within a minute, otherwise, for food, wait at least a half-hour before eating after taking CO. Also, medication and yogurt or pro-biotic supplements http://www.candida-g.com are treated the same as food and should not be taken with CO. CO is available in capsules either with or without herbs.

Dosage Schedule:

If the cleansing action (discomfort from dislodged toxins) occurs, follow the directions for decreasing the dosage. Also, the amount of water/juice can be increased as the amount of CO increases. There is no hard and fast rule as to how many capsules to take. Some people tolerate more, while others have to start slowly. More isn’t necessarily better, while just enough is just right. Since we are not all in the same state of health each person has to determine when “just enough” satisfies his or her bodily needs.

The following dosages are for CO Without Herbs (contains a double dose of oxygen). If at the start one capsule cannot be tolerated then CO With Herbs may be taken (contains 1?2 the dosage). As an alternative: 1?2 of a capsule’s contents of CO Without Herbs may be taken. It can be stirred into water or juice. This amount can be decreased if desired. If CO With Herbs is used, the herbs do not affect the availability of oxygen, the oxygen is dissolved immediately upon ingestion, and the herbs slowly dissolve with normal digestion.

Adult Dosage:

  1. 1st day through 4th day take one capsule 3 times a day.
  2. 5th day through 8th day take two capsules 3 times a day.
  3. If two capsules are favorably tolerated, another capsule may be added after the 8th day.
  4. In the event two capsules cannot be tolerated than decrease the amount of capsules until the flu-like symptoms mentioned earlier are not apparent.
  5. When cleansing symptoms decrease take from 1 to 2 capsules daily as a preventative for health maintenance.

Children?s Dosage:

For children unable to swallow a capsule: The capsule may be pulled apart to open and the capsule contents poured into water or juice and stirred.

Dosage depends on age: Age 3 through 6, use a quarter of one capsule (about the size of a pea); age 7 through 10, use half a capsule; age 11 through 16, at least one capsule daily. Beyond age 11 and depending on body mass, the adult dosage can be taken.

Note: For more serious complaints stay at an amount that can be comfortably tolerated. If desired, decrease the amount of capsules you are taking until you feel the condition is relieved. This may take from one to six months. When free of complaints taper off by taking one to two capsules daily. Should you desire to maintain a high level of oxygen in your bio-system continue this regimen as long as desired.


CO is temperature sensitive. In cool climates CO can be stored in a dark, dry area. A kitchen cabinet or medicine cabinet is acceptable. In a climate where the temperature ranges above 75 degrees, CO should be stored in the refrigerator. Wherever it is stored, as with other supplements or pharmaceuticals, keep them out of reach of children.

Shelf Life:

When stored under proper conditions (below 75 degrees) CO shelf life is nine months.

Note: Oxygen is also beneficial to flowers, aquariums, gardens, pets (birds included), and plants.

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