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Enema Bucket Set


Enema Bucket: 1500 cc (48 oz.) bucket (Plastic BPA free) is graduated in both ounces and milliliters. Notched handles facilitate carrying the unit in an upright position. Soft vinyl tube (60″ long) has a non-traumatic tip with rounded eyes for safe, easy insertion. Positive-close clamp on tube is designed for one-handed operation.

Enema Bucket Set contains bucket, tube, plastic clamp, castile soap packet, and a moisture-proof underpad. Each set is individually wrapped in a polypropylene bag and includes instructions for assembling the enema kit.

WARNING: Some new users of coffee enema treatments will be a bit impatient and poke or scratch themselves causing discomfort for a few days while your body heals. If you are a new user of this treatment I highly recommend you also purchase the soft extension tube to ease your way.

Thin your bile to get better results. Read the article here.

If you feel you want a stainless steel bucket this is the link.

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

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