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Six Month Recovery Support Plan

Original price was: $1,200.00.Current price is: $995.00.

Fine Tuning your recovery process can be challenging without a reporting system and a support system.

I offer you the following:

Initial comprehensive interview and development of written diet, detox, supplement and emotional recovery plan.

You provide me a twice-monthly written update of your progress.

I will provide you with a template to communicate your progress, note any questions and a suggested everyday record keeping system.

I will give you feedback and suggest adjustments to your diet and supplements and answer your questions.

I will review any testing you choose to have done (I recommend testing only after three full months).

This program is a one-one coaching-support process, most families will have all their answers during this time and will not require further full support. (I welcome and encourage communication with the family involved in addition to the person seeking recovery).

I will provide one monthly phone call if requested for clarification of instructions. (I may transition this to a group call to answer common questions as I see the need).

You will have access to all course material to study.

I have only a limited amount of time available to personally provide support and will limit enrolment accordingly.

My program is focused on the Dr. Kelley book “One Answer to Cancer.” Enzymes, Diet, Detox and Emotional Releasing are the four pillars of this program.

If you are unwilling to follow my guidance please do not apply for my support.

Dale Maxwell,

Disease Recovery Coach

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