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Pancreatin Bulk USP 500 Grams 4X


Pancreatin Bulk USP 500 Grams 4X

This container provides, following the Dr. Kelley Protocol of NINE Grams, Six times per day

The Math: Each Serving consumed will be 2250 milligrams  of 4x Pancreatin taken six times per day

500 Grams is equal to 50000 milligrams

500000 divided by 2250 is equal to 222 servings

Six servings per day  222 divided by six is thirty-seven day supply

Please Note that this is the USP product ad is not currently available with the chymotrypsin as in Dr. Kelly's original formula.

I recommend this formula only for those people who cannot deal with capsules, as it is WAY less convenient to measure out each serving and follow the safety protocol required for handling.

Your purchase of the product Signifies you agree that you have read and understand the handling instructions Located here:  Bulk Pancreatic Enzymes Safe Handling Instructions

Pancreatin Powder Bulk 500g 4x
Pancreatin Powder Bulk 500g 4x




Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 in

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