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Enzyme Dosage

Pancreatin 325 or 1200 is not as effective as Kelley Solozyme in breaking Cancer Cells.

Pancreatin 325 or 1200 contains only amylase, protease and lipase

Kelley Enzyme are more effective with cancer

Kelley Enzymes VS USP Enzymes

Calculate Needed PEP or Solozyme and 1200 to Provide Enzymes

Enzymes consumed near food digest the food first. Then cleans the blood, then goes after cancer.

Enzymes consumed well away from food (1 and 1/2 hours) go after cleaning blood then cancer.

The specific dosage for him will depend on his ability to remove the broken cancer cells via the coffee enemas.

Either full 54 grams each day then stop for five days if the enemas will not manage the liver overflow.


Adjust down the dosage down to the maximum level he can manage to consume without the liver overflow symptoms.
Revisit the correct dosage by increasing amount every few weeks, to find the new maximum dosage that can be managed.

Buiding up dosage vs starting at recommended dosage? It is up you to explore what works best for you.

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dose instruction, Questions And Answers

Tumor bigger or more spots after starting enzymes – Why?

AE asks Dale

Tumor bigger or more spots after starting enzymes – Why?

A couple of things to consider: first is the timing of the “scan”

How long prior to the beginning of the full Kelley program (54 Grams per day)

Second is that the enzymes will break the encapsulations.

Prior to the enzymes being able to damage the cancer cells the enzymes must break through these encapsulations. As the encapsulation breaks some amount of cancerous cells will undoubtedly be circulated and some may not be destroyed directly and so may show up in a scan.

In the case of a big lump the first this that may be noticed is the area may seem bigger. Do not be alarmed.

I do not recommend any testing be done until after three months on the protocol. This time interval is typically long enough to see some improvement.

Please keep in mind, it took many years to develope and according to Dr Kelley will generally take six to eighteen months at theraputic dose to get to the point of testing clear for most people.





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dose instruction, Questions And Answers

Does the “Budget Kelley Program” take longer to eliminate cancer?

While this statement is not a question, I want to address the statement.

AE sent me this statement:

When we take pep 30 minutes before a meal, then the surplus will go to the bloodstream and digest cancer. When you take 1200, the surplus will not digest cancer because of the lack of trypsin ann chymotrypsin. Logically the full method will be faster than bargain method to digest cancer.

Dr. Kelley always stated that it takes between six months and eighteen months on the program to be fully rid of cancer.

The Kelley enzymes have chymotrypsin and trypsin; they are considered activators that make the difference in success with breaking through the tumor-protective encapsulation layer. The balance of the formula is the pancreatic enzyme. The 1200 tablet is pancreatin USP which only contains the amylase, protease, and lipase that are from the whole pancreas gland.

The 1200's are ideal for digesting food.

The order that the  enzymes are used that does get to the bloodstream is:

Enzymes dispatch items that are circulating in the bloodstream, and this will include; food particles that pass not fully digested into the blood, any foreign items, fungus, anything that does not belong.

Only the remaining could be delivered to the tumor.

If any of the enzyme material consumed thirty minutes before food pass into the blood stream, they have to then make it to the tumor.

I do not believe you will complete your recovery substantially sooner by spending the extra money used primarily for digesting food.


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dose instruction

Calculate Needed PEP or Solozyme and 1200 to Provide Enzymes

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This table is a representation of the most economical way to use the Kelley Enzymes to support your body in removing cancer cells and rebuilding healthy new cells.

[table id=3 /]

Away from food is ideally one and 1/2 hours since you last ate and then wait until another one and 1/2 hours until you eat again. The timing on when you take the “away from food” doses can be adjusted to meet your needs – you and take them in the middle of the night if you need to in order to get your 54 grams per 24 hours.

It is OK to consume the “before food” enzymes after one hour if you are planning to eat at the one and 1/2 hour time.

This example is almost three of the Kelley Enzymes over a month away from food and just over 1/2 bottle of 1200 30 minutes before food.


Additional Support Products that are recommended:

Standard Process Okra Pepsin E3, 150 Capsules (50 day supply)

Potassium Compound Salts, 100 Grams, Powder



If you have taken pharmaceuticals (especially antibiotics in the last few years) you will benefit from thirty days of clinical strength probiotics to reinoculate your good bacteria.

Colon Balance | How to repair and rebalance your healthy Gut

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dose instruction, Questions And Answers

How to tell if the cancer is going away?

Mere asks Dale

How to tell if the cancer is going away?

Each day our body replaces cells:

The death of the cell is called Apoptosis and is normal.

Image result for how many cells die each day due to apoptosis
Between 50 and 70 billion cells die each day due to apoptosis in the average human adult.
When your body replaces the cells with new cells that have been created you have homeostasis.
If you are providing quality nutrition and complete digestion and absorption free from additives, pesticides and carcinogens, the new cells are “perfect.”  In comparison, those who are consuming the standard foods may not be heading toward  robust, disease-free healthy outcome.
Cancer seems to turn off Apoptosis in the cancer cells rendering them immortal. The job of the pancreatic enzyme as I was taught by Dr. Kelley is to break the cells allowing the body to remove them and replace them with healthy cells.
Since we seem to have a lot of cells I understand that recently, scientists have made a pretty good effort to count them. And their final count is…37.2 trillion. Calculating the number of cells in the human body is tricky, so figure this is a “ball park” number.
Dr. Kelley would tell people it will take between six months and eighteen months to rid the body of measurable cancer.
In my experience, your body will tell you when it no longer needs therapeutic amounts of enzymes. Read about butt burning here.


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