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Calculate Needed PEP or Solozyme and 1200 to Provide Enzymes

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This table is a representation of the most economical way to use the Kelley Enzymes to support your body in removing cancer cells and rebuilding healthy new cells.

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Away from food is ideally one and 1/2 hours since you last ate and then wait until another one and 1/2 hours until you eat again. The timing on when you take the “away from food” doses can be adjusted to meet your needs – you and take them in the middle of the night if you need to in order to get your 54 grams per 24 hours.

It is OK to consume the “before food” enzymes after one hour if you are planning to eat at the one and 1/2 hour time.

This example is almost three of the Kelley Enzymes over a month away from food and just over 1/2 bottle of 1200 30 minutes before food.


Additional Support Products that are recommended:

Standard Process Okra Pepsin E3, 150 Capsules (50 day supply)

Potassium Compound Salts, 100 Grams, Powder



If you have taken pharmaceuticals (especially antibiotics in the last few years) you will benefit from thirty days of clinical strength probiotics to reinoculate your good bacteria.

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