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Special instructions for those who are consuming nutrition via a feeding tube appliance.

Starting up with bulk Enzymes

Special instructions for those who are consuming nutrition via a feeding tube appliance.

The goal is to work up to the equivalent of 54 grams per day of pancreatic enzyme material.

You will need to find your pace that is best for your metabolism and detoxing capacity.

In the case where the pump is run part of the day, the enzymes added to the pump during,  for the most part, will be digesting the nutrition.

Keep in mind the enzymes injected when the pump is not in use, will, for the most part, be circulated in the body and digest the damage cells.

The bulk enzymes are four times the pancreatic strength, so you will need to take. So two and one-quarter grams (2050 milligrams) of bulk is the equivalent of twelve (12) 750mg capsules of Kelley Enzymes (nine grams).

I suggest you start with about a 20% dose the first day and increase each day as you manage the process and the disease die-off with coffee enemas. Do not be in a hurry to get to the fifty-four grams per day goal.

Keep in mind that the volume and speed of liquid injected must not be faster or more that recommended by your doctor. The stomach can stretch but the intestine is not designed for the abuse so be gentle.

You may need to take as many as five coffee enemas in a 24 hour day. If you are still suffering after five, Dr. Kelley recommends taking the five-day break earlier than the twenty-five-day interval.

Follow-up questions and answers:

JP asks:

I think we are just waiting for the enzymes. We want to start the process tonight.

Q- How many hours after feeding do the enzymes work best?

Start after one and one-half hours after “liquid foods”.

I am trying to figure out the best time for feeding.  How many hours in between doses?

My best guess is the enzymes will be out of the intestines in less than one and one-half hours.

Q- How soon after a dose should he have a coffee enema?

Everyone is different and too many variables to set up as a firm process, the consumption of the enzymes  (or the consumption of food)  and the taking of the enemas for some can be quite close when he starts feeling bad – coffee enema. Some people do not like to take the enemas close to eating because of the discomfort of food in the stomach. Please let me know how if goes with Leo and the timing challenge.

Q -How often should he do a water enema prior to the coffee enema?

Mostly every time, if taking back to back then not needed. He will be able to tell if he is keeping a log file and paying attention. Generally, if one  takes the enema, without the water first and gets little out – they will feel worse and should take another enema.

Q- What is the volume of water,

Full enema bucket if possible.

Q- how long does he hold the water.

Hold as long as comfort allows, practicing EFT can assist in time going faster. Ten minutes of holding water should be fine.

Q- and how long after the water enema does he start the coffee enema?

When he is finished expelling the excess (suggest standing and a few steps or gentle stretching when finished before starting the coffee to make sure all has released.)

Q- How much coffee do you make at one time?

You choose how much to make, some people make as needed, and others make a concentrate and refrigerate.

Q- What is the coffee to water ratio?

The strength of the coffee is a range and you will have to experiment.  Too weak and little or no results, too strong and can notice jitters.

Start here: Place 2 to 3 cups of distilled water and two to three tablespoons of organic coffee in a stainless steel saucepan and bring to a boil. Let it boil 10 minutes, then turn off the heat and allow it to cool.



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