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NO OIL! Really, NO oil! Webinar 03/17/16 Dr. McDougall

 Title: NO OIL! Really, NO oil!

Description: Dr. John McDougall, discusses why we should not use oil of any kind in our foods. He talks about what oil really is and what it does to our bodies.
Host: Moderator, Gustavo Tolosa, DMA,
Presenter: Dr. John McDougall, MD
Recorded: March 17, 2016

Dale's observations on the video

Why no free oil in your diet?

Oil is a pharmaceutical when it has been extracted. It can even be toxic.

Address oil directly starting about 6:00 minutes in.

Consumption has doubled since 1980 and weight has gone up dramatically

It is not natural to extract the oil from the food. The oil has lost the natural protection of the food  and is in perfect orchestration when if is in the plant.

  • Oil is calorie dense at 9 calories per gram

  • Meat and dairy and sugar 4 per gram

  • Starch is 1 calorie per gram (mostly water and fiber)

  • Animal oils promote cancer in animals in experiments


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