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Tumor bigger or more spots after starting enzymes – Why?

AE asks Dale

Tumor bigger or more spots after starting enzymes – Why?

A couple of things to consider: first is the timing of the “scan”

How long prior to the beginning of the full Kelley program (54 Grams per day)

Second is that the enzymes will break the encapsulations.

Prior to the enzymes being able to damage the cancer cells the enzymes must break through these encapsulations. As the encapsulation breaks some amount of cancerous cells will undoubtedly be circulated and some may not be destroyed directly and so may show up in a scan.

In the case of a big lump the first this that may be noticed is the area may seem bigger. Do not be alarmed.

I do not recommend any testing be done until after three months on the protocol. This time interval is typically long enough to see some improvement.

Please keep in mind, it took many years to develope and according to Dr Kelley will generally take six to eighteen months at theraputic dose to get to the point of testing clear for most people.





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