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Enzyme doing their job sometimes overflow the liver

P.B. asks Dale Q –  Dale, would like to share changes which I felt after reducing PEP from 12 to 5 as per your recommendation. while taking 12 PEP away from a meal, was feeling less energy in the body, less appetite and had a rash on the body, so it means it was working very well. As soon as reduce to 5 more energy level, less rash on body level of appetite as increased, so it means less effective.

I am maintaining five enema/day.

A – As you move through the process of destroying the cancer cells it is many times the case that the enzymes will cause the side effects you have experienced, rash, reduced energy and more.

In Dr. Kelley's book, he advises a twenty-five day on and five days off rhythm at full dose.  It is also written and observed that in the early days you may need a five-day break more frequently than every twenty-five days.

You have, by reducing the dosage achieved a similar result.

Your body will change from time to time and you may be able to resume more aggressive dosage amounts as your total cancer load is reduced.

When people return to working full time they often, in order to manage the reduced number of enemas must reduce the total enzymes each day so that they can function well in their job.

As long as you are continuing to ‘push' the number of enzymes toward the therapeutic 54 grams each day the progress toward cancer free is going in the correct direction.

I have seen over the 1000's of cases I have supervised some people cut back too far and they will get a wake-up call (test results not getting better or pain or lump reforming.)

Maintaining the forward motion that moves you toward full recovery is a process I can only witness and advise on.

It is well advised that this recovery process is not a quick fix and will take the time that it takes. Dr. Kelley said that it generally takes six to eighteen months to arrive at full recovery.

You are correct on your observation and are learning well, congratulations. – Dale


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