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Pancreatic Enzyme Capsules or Tablets? What is Best For You?

We now have available Pancreatic Enzymes (USP) in both Capsules and Tablets.

Advantages of Tablets:

  • Better at surviving stomach acid (for people unable to consume the enzymes well ahead of the meal – and for snackers too)
  • More rugged for carrying around in pocket or purse (in ziplock baggies)

Disadvantages of Tablets:

  • The fillers and binders can be offensive to some sensitive people

Advantages of Capsules:

  • Sensitive people prefer capsules generally due to the reduction or elimination of fillers and binders
  • Many people find capsules easier to swallow

Disadvantages of Capsules:

  • The timing of the consumption of the enzymes in capsules is much more critical than in tablets. Pancreatic enzymes are alkaline and without the binders and fillers found in the tablets they can (when you fail to consume them thirty minutes or more prior to eating) reduce the stomach acid and therefore make the stomach less successful in doing it's job of chemically breaking down food prior to it's delivery to the small intestine (where the enzymes complete the process of liberating the nutrition that is held within the food).
  • Capsules are more fragile than tablets and prone to breaking when carried in a ziplock baggie. It is important to understand that you should not chew up a pancreatic capsule or open it and add it to anything because it is quite caustic and can cause discomfort to eyes, nose, mouth or any mucous area.

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