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Does the “Budget Kelley Program” take longer to eliminate cancer?

While this statement is not a question, I want to address the statement.

AE sent me this statement:

When we take pep 30 minutes before a meal, then the surplus will go to the bloodstream and digest cancer. When you take 1200, the surplus will not digest cancer because of the lack of trypsin ann chymotrypsin. Logically the full method will be faster than bargain method to digest cancer.

Dr. Kelley always stated that it takes between six months and eighteen months on the program to be fully rid of cancer.

The Kelley enzymes have chymotrypsin and trypsin; they are considered activators that make the difference in success with breaking through the tumor-protective encapsulation layer. The balance of the formula is the pancreatic enzyme. The 1200 tablet is pancreatin USP which only contains the amylase, protease, and lipase that are from the whole pancreas gland.

The 1200's are ideal for digesting food.

The order that the  enzymes are used that does get to the bloodstream is:

Enzymes dispatch items that are circulating in the bloodstream, and this will include; food particles that pass not fully digested into the blood, any foreign items, fungus, anything that does not belong.

Only the remaining could be delivered to the tumor.

If any of the enzyme material consumed thirty minutes before food pass into the blood stream, they have to then make it to the tumor.

I do not believe you will complete your recovery substantially sooner by spending the extra money used primarily for digesting food.


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