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Questions from Vince

1.Dale  I already purchased the recommended products to start the 8 Tablespoon smoothie diet thinking that's what you were recommending.  Will these smoothies be compatible with the Clear MultiVite 3 week detox ? Or should I wait until after the 3 weeks to start using the smoothies? I do not plan on incorporating animal products in my diet.

Excellent question

During the 21-day detox limiting the fruit to one serving every three days assists in the detox process.

I use the four ingredients added to the MultiVite for the potent extra nutrition. I also recommend including about seven or eight ounces of beet or beet juice. and I add about six ounces of assorted frozen (I personally freeze and crush the leafy greens because they wilt so fast) greens, peas, beans, leafy greens of you choice etc (seasonally).

Please formulate your own favorite blends.

Note the Nutrition facts on each label do not always equal a tablespoon so convert as needed.

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