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If and When to Have Additional Medical Tests


People frequently ask me about having tests done to find out “how they are doing” on the Kelley program, and I'd like to deliver these statements to you:

You need to understand that all the tests medical doctors provide are designed, and their goal is, to get you to agree to more drugs or cutting or burning.

After 3 or 4 months on the Kelley Program, and if you have previously had a CA125 blood test (which will serve as a comparison), an additional CA125 blood test can be done on the fifth day of the five days off of the enzymes. This test could potentially give you an idea of the “getting better” trend, but you may be seeing signs of improvement by 3 or 4 months anyway.

Other tests like CT scans and MRIs use sugar or dyes and/or radiation that you don't want to be exposed to.

If you have decided against enrolling in chemotherapy, radiation or surgery why bother with these tests?

These tests are not going to get you anywhere, but could cause concerns.

If you do choose to get any tests be sure to get your test done on the fifth day of the five-day break. Failing to follow this advice will cause your test to be quite inaccurate due to the additional broken cells that circulate in the bloodstream prior to being caught by your liver and removed by coffee enemas.

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