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I want to be more aggressive with my cancer


Vince asks Dale

I want to be more aggressive with my cancer and I am trusting the Lord to lead me and give me wisdom in choosing what advice and protocols to follow.  Having said that I am now at a place where after a year and 5 months I seem to be at a standstill. The tumor has grown some, perhaps even doubled in size (not sure), I could get a CT scan but don't want to do that.
Dr. Kelley would expect the cancer growth to be removed over a six month to eighteen month time period depending on:
  • Total amount of original tumor mass
  • Diet during the recovery process
  • Amount of toxins in the body to deal with
  • Ability to get the broken cancer cells out (coffee enemas and other detoxing)
  • Status of “load” overhead; condition of teeth, etc.

The keys to ridding yourself of cancer and total recovery are only the following:


  • Getting enough enzymes in 25 days on and 5 days off (54 grams per day)


  • Performing enough enemas to remove the broken cancer cells
  • Removing  any root canals and amalgams (when you are strong enough)


  • A plant based, whole food, no oils diet
  • Masticate with Vitamix as needed to extract nutrients


  • Release the past events that (when replayed in your mind) cause stress, which impairs the function of your pancreas


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