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Are Alkaline Water Machines A Good Idea?


By Bonnie O?Sullivan And Dale Maxwell

Question: Hello Dale, I am researching Alkaline Water Machines. I sent you some emails about it. What do you and Bonnie think about the possible medical benefits?

Answer: Alkaline water made by alkaline water machines sounds great at first. However, when we studied these machines, we found they have serious drawbacks. First, the alkaline water and the acid water produced by these machines, even after the water has passed through the filter, still contains the inorganic (not usable by the human body) minerals that are found in tap water. Second, these machines introduce additional inorganic minerals. This causes the water that is produced by alkaline water machines to contain even more inorganic minerals than the original tap water (the acid mineral water that is produced as a by-product is excellent for plants as they thrive on inorganic minerals).

In clinical situations, for short periods, the alkaline water may help,

The problem with the alkaline water produced by these machines is that the mineral molecules are much too large.

What happens is a small percentage of the minerals contained in tap water and the minerals added by the alkaline water machines are small enough to be used successfully by the body, but a much greater percentage are too large and they end up in the soft tissues of the body, which eventually (and this can take years to become noticeable) builds up (like calcium deposits build up in pipes) and causes pain in our joints, kidney stones, hardening of our arteries, and our eyes to develop cataracts. (Some scientists warn we are slowly turning ourselves to stone with all the inorganic calcium that is being added to processed food such as concentrated fruit juices and “enriched” cereals and baked goods.) Bottled mineral water is also an excellent source of big, inorganic minerals and should be avoided. All well water and tap water contains these inorganic minerals, but amounts vary by location.

We recommend distilled water for drinking and cooking (all the minerals are removed by steam distillation). All filtered, reverse osmosis, and/or bottled water contains a large percentage of inorganic minerals that can build up in your soft tissues and give you problems (the more minerals in the water or beverages you drink — such as coke, which contains phosphoric acid, and Pellegrino water, which contains both acid and alkaline minerals — the faster you will develop swollen, misshapen, painful joints, which is only the beginning of the havoc inorganic minerals cause within the human body).

For healthful organic alkaline minerals (in this case, “organic” means completely usable by the human body) it is best to “start with” (not just “eat” — see the link to our alkalizing soup recipe below) fresh, local, organic vegetables (in this case, “organic” means grown without pesticides and, hopefully, on mineral-rich soil).

Organic minerals are made by plants; inorganic minerals in water and inorganic minerals in the soil are absorbed from the ground into the plant through its roots and, with the help of the sun, the minerals are converted into organic (angstrom size) minerals that are then made available to us through the vegetables the plant produces.

Because the soil that vegetable producing plants are grown on in the U.S. has been severely depleted of minerals, whether the vegetables are “organically grown” or not, we recommend that you make an “alkalizing soup” that contains a variety of vegetables and drink the broth every day (you can throw away the vegetables or eat some them for fiber). We make a large pot of this soup every fifth day and drink two cups of the broth daily.

After making the soup:
We use six quarts of distilled water and at least eight cups of different organic, when possible, vegetables and, after cooling it, we place the whole stainless steel pot with all the vegetables and broth still in it into the refrigerator and every morning we ladle off four cups of the broth, bring them to a boil, cool them and drink them. We eat a big bowl of the vegetables once a day and toss out the remaining vegetables on the fifth day and start over. This method of getting alkalizing minerals into the body was made popular by Dr. Thomas Rau. See Instructions for Preparation: http://road-to-health.com/alkalinesoup/

If you already have symptoms of calcium build up you may want to check out this safe, easy chelation therapy:

We hope this helps you with your decision. Love, Bonnie and Dale

(c) 2008 Dale Maxwell & Bonnie O?Sullivan www.road-to-health.com 800-651-7080

Video By Dr Greger, his opinion on the machines:

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