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Are eggs still considered ok for a cancer patient


K asks Dale:

One egg a day ok?

Yes, I know in Dr. Kelley's book “One Answer to Cancer” he said eggs are ok – up to a point.

However, the science is much more indicating eggs are not so good.

View videos on eggs from a scientific standpoint by a Medical Doctor:

Cancer growth is linked to every animal product.


On dairy:


On chicken:


On beef:


I recommend a whole food plant based diet without free oils.

  • Nuts ok
  • Greens ok
  • Legumes ok
  • Grains ok for some people
  • Yams or other starchy products ok

If you feel you must consume some animal products please keep the volume of animal under 5% of your calories and understand:

  • Animal products you consume require many of your enzymes to convert to nutrition.
  • Animal products contain 6 to 22 times the toxins that plant proteins.
  • Contains no fiber.
  • Stay in your body much longer than plant, potentially putrifying on the way through your digestive track.




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