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Bad Flu Started Decline In Health?


Here is my recap of your multi-page document:

  1. Afraid will lose weight if reduce animal intake.
  2. Daily pain and discomfort.
  3. Mouth full of root canals (Highest Number of Root Canals I have seen D.) and resists removing them.
  4. Took just a tiny amount of enzymes and felt miserable.
  5. Only taking one coffee enema per day and struggling with results.
  6. Not successful with current stress reduction program.

1 – To reduce the amount of load on your body from animal proteins you will need to learn how to eat enough dense plant material to offset the calories you are getting from the animal protein.

Here is a link to get you started:


2 and 5 – You need to learn how to do five successful coffee enemas per day.

Here is a link to get you started:


3 and 4 – In my opinion the root canal teeth need to be removed. Dr. Kelley would advise you go on the therapeutic dosage of the pancreatic enzymes for a month or two to reduce the cancer load and then handle the teeth.

The burden on your liver is massive just from the root canals, so I suggest a detox and support:

I suggest Liver Support and a liver detox protocol, I am sending you instructions for the liver detox.

4 – Feeling miserable from a few enzymes is a reflection of the condition of your liver. Do the 21-day detox and take the LiveRite supplements and begin to explore how many enzymes you can manage. As you improve your liver function, I expect you to be able to increase gently the number of enzymes you can manage.

6 – Follow my instruction in the emotions collection documents.

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