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Can calcium deposits be reversed?


B Asks Dale:

Dear Dale, how are you? My Dr in Houston Tx will have a procedure in his heart to clean arteries from Calcium deposits called the widowmakers a scary procedure. Do you know if this can be reversed?

Thanks for asking. I believe the information from Dr. John Mcdougall will be your best path to follow for this topic.

From Dr. John Mcdougall article: Cleaning Out Your Arteries

The leading cause of death in Western countries is heart disease.  Possibly as many as 200,000 to 300,000 people in the United States have heart attacks every year – 1 million patients visit the hospital each year for the same reason.  The third leading cause of death is another disease of the arteries, strokes.  Many other diseases, from hearing loss to impotence, are also caused by closure of the blood supply to vital tissues. 

Read the entire article here:


Additional solid advise on heart disease comes from Dr Esselstyn


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